Friday, March 6, 2009

A prince on his throne

Ever since the falling-off-the-couch incident I've been playing it safe with Jack. Although he's not really interested in the whole mobility thing, he has started reaching for toys, and the shifting of weight has caused more than one topple.

So we now create a buffer zone for him during playtime. This is the Jack-throne. It's so soft and cushy, he usually doesn't even notice he's tipped over, until Mommy comes set him right again.

But it doesn't look like he'll need my rescuing for much longer. Last night I stepped out into the kitchen, and when I came back my little boy was practically sitting up on his own. Granted these moments are short-lived, but it won't be long before those baby abs are working overtime to support one curious little torso. Long live poised Prince Jack!

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