Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unsolved Mysteries: The Nursing Strike

I've read about nursing strikes before, but always with that cavalier attitude of "It will never happen to me." I mean, I can't imagine Jack not interested in eating. But alas, it did. One day Jack just decided he didn't want to eat. He wasn't fussy, he wasn't acting strange, he just wasn't having it. He wouldn't even take a bottle, which has never been a problem before. After two feedings, or six hours, of not eating much I began to get a little worried. After one day, I was starting to panic. At first, he seemed to be favoring only one side, so I thought it was a teething issue. But then at night, when he was really tired, he'd eat off either side without any trouble. I began to wonder if I was feeding him too much but he didn't seem ready to extend his routine yet. I was pumping on schedule to keep my supply up, so I knew it wasn't a milk issue. I decided to call the doctor - easier said than done. Apparently, in the military, you can't just ask your pediatrician a question. You have to call the appointment center, to make an appointment for who knows when, so you can score a few minutes to talk to the doctor. "That's crazy!" I told the lady on the phone. I think she secretly agreed.

After going through all my baby books and massive amounts of Googling, I figured it was just a phase and if it hadn't passed after a few days of negotiating with Jack, I'd take him to the doctor. Thankfully, after about 3 days, the nursing strike ended as quickly as it began. I'm still a little confused, and not sure what exactly happened, but things appear to be back to normal. Jack's back to 6 full feedings a day and handing out wet and dirty diapers like its his job. And it is. And its my job to make sure it stays that way!

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