Saturday, March 20, 2010

36 down, 4 (or 5 or 6) to go!

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday morning, as I now do every week, and had a little free time this week to create this nifty photo comparison. I'm probably the only person that pores over preggo pictures trying to measure to the minutest detail, but at least it will be on this blog for posterity's sake.

At first I thought I looked relatively the same as I did with Jack at 36 weeks. But sometimes when I look it seems like I was a little bigger at the top with Jack, either that or #2 has dropped a bit already. Which wouldn't surprise me because he seems to be riding low on my hips these days. So all this and all that photo taking to say ... I just don't know. And it's only making me more and more curious to meet the little dude in a few weeks.

I was reading over old blog posts from when I was 35/36 weeks along with Jack, right when my ankles started swelling. So that made me feel better that I have had absolutely no swelling yet, and my wedding bands still spin easily 'round my finger. According to my old blog post my belly was 39 inches around with Jack at 35 weeks, and it's just slightly bigger than that now. Although I'm positive I weighed more at this point with Jack, if I only had my precious spreadsheet to compare for sure!

Other than bellies and weight gain, things looks good still! Baby's heartbeat is very loud. And I was excited to hear that my Group B Strep test came back negative! I got a little nervous when the Nurse was feeling my belly, trying to figure out how baby was lying. She didn't seem too sure herself so she decided to give me an ultrasound, a pleasant surprise. And even more pleasant was to find that he truly is head down. Although I think his head is slightly to the side, more over my hip, and he's currently face-up, which could make for some painful back labor if he stays that way. But one look at that face and it doesn't really matter. He was making kissy faces on the monitor, and Mama loves those big 'ole cheeks. (If you can't tell, #'2 face is to the upper right, and he's looking forward - those are two eyes, a nose and some adorable lips!)

You know what else I love about this picture? It looks strangley like one I have of another little boy ...
They're totally related.

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