Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boogies and Hiccups

Jack and I both caught colds last week. This is convenient because I know exactly how he feels. If my throat was hurting, his probably was too. And if I was having trouble sleeping, well that explains why he's been waking up several times at night. On the other hand, I was looking forward to us both taking it easy last Wednesday to recoop, but apparently colds don't affect 16 month old active little boys like they do adult, pregnant women. Jack was still as energetic as ever, only this time he was running around the house with snot dropping out of his nose. He's really not fond of tissues, in fact, he thinks it's more of a game. So Mommy was chasing boy and snot most of the day. And I've learned a few nose wiping tricks...

There's the wipe-on-the-go technique. I just stick my hand out, with a tissue, and swipe Jack's nose as he runs by. Then there's the come-from-behind move where Mommy sneaks up behind Jack and, before he realizes what's happening, has his head cupped in one hand and his nose in a tissue in the other. And then there's the example-setting method, and probably not very hygenic, where Mommy blows her nose first and then gives the tissue to Jack to try, complete with sound effects that make it that much more fun! Hey, I'm learning!

There have been sleep-deprived nights recently, and Jon and I have been taking turns cuddling our little Snot Faucet and partaking in middle-of-the-night nose wipes. And there's been a few mornings where Jack has ended up catching his last hour of sleep in our bed.

Inevitably, as soon as I get up to check on Jack in the night, #2 wakes up too. And he doesn't go back to sleep as easily. One night I got very little sleep, alternating between the boy crying in his crib and the boy pulling acrobatic moves in my belly. He was pushing on my ribs so hard it was impossible to fall back to sleep.

Speaking of the little guy, he seems to have a chronic case of the hiccups this week. He's got them at least twice a day for the past five days now. Poor kid. It's cute for a few seconds but gets a little annoying after that. I can only imagine how he feels. I think he may have turned but won't know for sure until next Wednesday. Maybe it's just wishful thinking though ... I've been trying a few suggestions from some books I've read on turning a breech baby - like lying on your back with your hips elevated 12 inches off the floor. It seemed to make sense, tilting the bottom of your uterus above the top so that gravity would pull the baby's head "down" - but I didn't realize, until I actually tried it, that it would make breathing somewhat difficult. Ten minutes is pretty much all I can handle before I need to revert myself!

#2 is still as active as ever! Jon and I got to go out on our second dinner and a movie date this month!! Woo hoo, it's a record! My parents watched Jack while we were home over Valentine's Day. And this past weekend was the start of Spring break for Jon, so he was eager to set aside homework and celebrate! Our former Monday babysitter Kristen and her husband were missing Jack, so we dropped him off, had a lovely dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then went to see "Sherlock Holmes." This month was the first time Jon and I had gone to see a movie together since Jack was born! And unfortunately, it will probably be our last for a while. Movies in the theater aren't as much fun when you're 33 weeks pregnant. Not only did I have to go to the bathroom 3 times in 2 hours but the littlest guy decided to hold a crazy dance party throughout the entire show. Mostly under my right ribs, which meant I was constantly trying to find a comfortable way to sit. I'm sure the people behind me were getting kinda annoyed but nothing seemed to work. I still enjoyed the movie, even though Jon had to catch me up to speed on the parts I missed for bathroom breaks. :) And now that I get to experience babies on both sides of the womb, I'm pretty sure that dance parties and hiccups are much more easier to manage when they occur on this side of birth!

Oh, and speaking of movies ... my kid kinda likes them.


Jenn said...

his talking so cracks me up! love the enthusiasm.

Lizzy said...

hilarious!! i love how he points to the TV and then to his 'easy chair'. tooo cute, Janine!

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