Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new normal

Jon and I joke that the first two weeks of Jude's life have been like a vacation for us.  Jon is totally finished with his graduate degree and so, with no work or school to distract him, the boys and I have been really enjoying his undivided attention.  We've been taking walks, playing on the beach, shopping for the new house and the baby (thanks to some great gift cards!!), and eating lots of lunches out. :)  I also haven't had to worry about making dinner since several of our friends have made us some amazing meals, with plenty of leftovers!  We feel very blessed!

But Jon went back to work on Tuesday and it's been just me and the kids during the day.  And so, we've spent the last 48 hours trying to figure out what a "normal" day will look like in our house.  I've actually been taking notes on our "routine" (which is currently not very routine), you know, conducting qualitative research, collecting empirical data, searching for patterns, seeking out correlations between two variables ... see, I knew my degree would come in handy.  Oddly enough, life now is very similiar to what it was just a few weeks ago, with just a few minor changes.

Jack still eats breakfast after he gets up in the morning, although now I'm nursing Jude with one hand and doling out cereal and bananas with the other.  I still get my 30 or so minutes of free time in the morning to shower and get ready while Jack plays in the "pen", although now I have to keep an ear out for the littlest baby hanging out on the bed.  We've managed to keep up our daily walks, I've regained the stamina to walk longer and harder again without lugging around that extra weight, but I have to say pushing that double stroller is definitely a work-out!  I feel like I'm changing a hundred diapers a day.  The sad thing is, sometimes I forget about Jack's diapers ... so we've had more than one "accident" this week.  Jack still takes a great afternoon nap, although he's usually the one asking me to go to bed rather than me telling him.  I think we've all gained a greater appreciation for "quiet time."  I will say the house is much more messy than usual.  I just can't keep up.  And I'm not quite sure why, it's not like Jude plays with toys.  There always seems to be a ton of dishes in the sink too, which is interesting since I haven't managed to make dinner yet.  Then again, I haven't really had to.

Has Jude really only been "here" for a little over two weeks?  It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant and he was kicking my ribs.  He's already such a part of our lives now.  It's hard to remember what a full night's sleep feels like, or what I did with all those extra hours that I now spend feeding a newborn ... then again, I think Jack still remembers.  He seems to be doing a little better though.  He insists on giving Jude a binky, though he tends to shove it in the poor kid's mouth. 

He also likes to point to Jude's nose and eyes (!!!), and play with his hair.  Sometimes he gets too rough and starts smacking his head.  And then there's the swing.  Jack is totally enthralled with the 5 speed settings and the music/nature sounds option.  I think he just likes pressing the buttons.  If Jude is in the swing we usually keep it on the 1 setting.  Yesterday I walked into the room and Jack was giving Jude the ride of his life when he cranked it up to 5!  And of course nursing still presents it's challenges.  Jack likes to "watch" Jude eat, and for some reason finds it really funny.  But his favorite activity during nursing sessions is using Mommy as a jungle gym.  Jon captured this picture of his crazy antics (don't worry, Jude was done eating by the time he got the camera out). 

And so we're all busy adjusting, getting a little closer to our new normal which, I have a feeling, is not very far off!

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