Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to the 'Burb Nest

Well, I could wait until everything was JUST RIGHT to take pictures, but then you'd never see our latest nest.  So I went ahead and snapped a few shots this past weekend.  Someday, after we've finally settled down into a permanent place, I'm going to make a book of all the gazillion places we've lived.  But that could be a long way off, so for now we're just going to enjoy them as they come.  So here it is, welcome to our little abode in the suburbs of DC!

This is our formal living room ... you know, where I spend hours reading books in the morning sun, sipping cups of tea and arranging flowers.  Okay, not so much.  We're not used to this kind of luxury, which is why there is only a couch and bookcase in here.  But as soon as I find a decent piano on Craiglist I'm sure I'll be spending more time here!

That's our beloved Ikea bookshelf, one of the few items that actually got busted during our move, but you can't even tell right? The curtains that you can't see were left behind and the paint color was already there, but I think it's growing on me anyway.

This was the formal dining room.  We use it as a playroom, and I'm pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out, not entirely as all-leftovers-thrown-together as I thought. 

We got the picture ledge and bookshelf on a recent trip to Ikea.  The rug was from my dorm room days, an Ikea original that I picked up for a few bucks at Penn State's Trash to Treasure sale.  This was also one of the rooms Jon painted.

In between the playroom and kitchen is this handy niche.

Theoretically, it's where I sit and menu plan, clip coupons, plan grocery lists, blog and do work.  Theoretically.  Realistically, it's not that comfortable and it's kinda dark and lonely if the kids aren't in the playroom.  Since I do all my work (real job work) from my laptop, I take it wherever is most convenient.  Which includes, but is not limited to, on the floor while playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, the bathroom during tubby time, and the patio for some sunshine.

Annnnnd on to the kitchen, the center of the house.  I love a lot of things about my new kitchen, but can I just say how much I ADORE these countertops.  I do not miss the white, porous, show every knick and stain ones we left back at the Beach.  These things are marvelous.  And I'll let you in on a little secret about my cupboards and drawers, I have a few empty ones.  Yeah, that's how much more space I have.  Love it!!

The kitchen opens right up into the informal dining area.  But be careful, there's a step!  And yes, Jack does fall down it at least once a day. 

And the wooden floors.  Lovely, and so not accomating to clutzy toddlers.  Poor Jack is learning how to sidestep the slippery rugs.  I can only imagine what things will look like when summer's over and he's running around in socks.

Kitchen/dining flows right into the Family Room.  Since we came into this place with only one couch and chair, we got new furniture!  I was pretty surprised Jon let me pick out that funky striped chair.  And I love that rug with all my heart!

Just in case you're wondering that "accent" brickish colored wall was like that (along with the country plaid curtains.)  I'm seriously contemplating painting it because it clashes with my stuff, but it's fallen done low on the to-do list.  It's also textured so not sure how that would turn out.  I think the fireplace will be fun though.  Except it's actually a pellet stove.  Throws out heat, but not marshmallow-roasting friendly.

The downstairs is also where Jon's office is located, which doubles as a spare-spare room. No surprise here, this was the first room to be decorated.  :)

And a half bath.  This is the only bathroom picture I took because it's the only one with decent lighting.  But it's also a good illustration of "making it work" (Tim Gunn style!).  There's a heck of a lot of green in this house, this bathroom is no exception.  My kitchen and two spare bathrooms were red themed.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see the green and red kinda worked, without being Christmasy.  Of course, that's my personal opinion.  If you don't think so refrain from commenting!

There's also a huge garage which Jon has already cleaned and organized.  I should have taken a picture of it for my male audience, but alas, I did not.

We're now heading upstairs.  If you want the full experience you now have plush carpet under your feet and there's the faint smell of dog in the air.  Since this is the only carpeted area of the house and the previous residents had a dog.  Apparently they've been shampooed but nothing gets past my sniffer!!

First up, the the real spare room.  In other words, most important guests stay here.  Anyone beyond that is relegated to an air mattress in the office. 

This is another one of those gets-all-the-leftovers rooms.  It needs some TLC, like more interesting curtains, but works for now.  This is another room we painted.  It used to be a garish turquoise (and I usually like turqoise).

We thought we picked out a gray tone, but I'm certain I see purple in there.  Not exactly what I wanted but it's just a spare room.

Next up is the day care, er, nursery.  Yes, you count three beds.  Now we are not hiding a third kid.  We got Jack a big boy bed several months back to put in his room for him to "get used to."  He prefers to use it as a trampoline.  Anyway, we haven't yet had the nerve to move him out of his crib, for several reasons.  (A) I thought there was enough transition with having a new baby brother and moving, (B) the kid moves around so much in his sleep I think he'd end up on the floor more often than not, and (C) he's learned how to climb up Jude's crib and poke his eyes, so he's best kept "behind bars" for a little while longer.  

And no, Jude does not spend the night here, just naps. Here's still in our room in the evening. The plan is to move him in here once he starts pulling longer hours at night and not risking waking up big brother, and we're almost there!  This is another room we painted.  It went from blue ... to blue.  But I think there's a big difference!

Finally, our little haven.  Okay not really, it's kinda large actually.  I purposely cut out the huge empty space on one side of the room.  We're still adjusting to large house living, but don't want to "grow" too much since we could end up in a smaller place next year.

I love the light in this room, except at 5 in the morning.  I want to get some curtains but I'm not sure how to hang them since the window butts up right against the wall, and I can't use tension rods because of the blinds that are already installed.  So if anyone has any suggestions send 'em my way!!

And finally, one of our most favorite features, the outdoor space. 


We love having dinner outside, when it's not blazingly hot!!  We also have a chimney thinger-majigger for small bonfires, and hopefully marshmallow roasting.  I think we're really going to enjoy this place in the fall, when things cool down and slow down. 

But until then, we've got a busy summer planned and lots to blog about ... if I can find the time.  Thanks for stopping by, come again!!


douglass said...

Your new place is SUPER cute! Congratulations on the big move!

breanne said...

try some of those fancier command hooks on either side of the window and a simple curtain rod... works like a charm!

J9 said...

Ooo I may have to try that!

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