Friday, October 8, 2010

Flash of genius

Every morning, after Jude goes down for a nap, Jack does what Babywise calls "roomtime" - up to one hour of time in his playroom alone.  Supposedly independent playtime in one place teaches kids to problem solve and play on their own, without mom's influence.  When he was younger we did "pack 'n play" time, where he would spend time in his playpen with a few toys and books.  But now that he's bigger and we have a fun playroom, he really enjoys his "roomtime" (it might help that I usually include a snack).  And it works out good for me too since it's one hour in the morning (as long as Jude stays asleep) that I can work on my "other job" and make uninterrupted phone calls. 

I do have to stay out of sight though.  If Jack catches a glimpse of me, or even hears the steps creak, he's immediately at the gate saying, "out, out, out."  So I hang out in the office and listen to him play.  Which means I only get to experience half of his creativity - the aural half.  In between phone calls and emails I listen to him ring off the names of everyone in our family - "mama, dada, Jaaaaack, Jewwww", reading one of his gazillion books, talking to his "horey" (horse) or bouncing balls over the gate. 

But every once in a while I catch a glimpse of Jack's genius, a peak into the workings of his little developing mind.  Like the night I was washing dishes while the boys were bonding in the playroom.  Jack ran into the kitchen saying, "Yook, Jew, yook!"  So I peaked around the corner, immediately called for Jon and then grabbed the camera:

And then there was the time he decided to share his popcorn with the farm animals.  Word spreads fast in "Playroomville" and before I knew it all animal caricatures had gathered at the bowl.

But one of my favorite moments was after the popcorn feast, when I noticed the animals were perfectly placed on each colored square.  It's times like this when I really wonder what my child is thinking!

But I didn't have to wonder long.  A few minutes later I heard Jack laughing hysterically and saw just what it was that he was up to:

Oh Jude, your brother has so much to teach you!


JSS said...

there is nothing funnier to me than a child laughing :)

Deborah said...

He's so creative, and his laugh is adorable...I couldn't help but laugh with him!

Lizzy said...

okay, the video at the end just totally made my day!! laughing out loud down here in Clearwater! way toooo cute!! :)

J9 said...

Thanks everyone, we think he's pretty entertaining ourselves! :)

Meagan Duthie said...

He's very ingenious!!! Adorable!

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