Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To my son, on his birthday

Dear Jack,

Today you are two years old.  They call this next year the "terrible twos" but I don't see how life can get anything but sweeter with you around.  You are your daddy's and my pride and joy.  You fill our house with laughter and it's hard to be around you without breaking into a smile.  Your zest for life is contagious.  You make me want to truly live life as passionately as possible, just to see each experience through your eyes. 

I am constantly amazed at your endless supply of energy.  The way you jump from room to room, run circles in the house, want to spend all morning on the swing, and never act like you're ready to go to bed.  Someday you're going to pour all that energy into something magnificent and important.  I just know it.

Two years ago you caught us off guard with the "start" of your arrival and finally, 23 hours later your surprised everyone in the room again with your size and strength.  You've been keeping me on my toes ever since!  Being your mom has shown me all the areas that desperately need improvement.  I get angry, I lose my patience, I never have enough time to read you all the books you'd like, I sometimes let you watch too many movies, and I take you to Chick-Fil-A.  But being your mom has also given me firsthand experience of unconditional love.  No matter how upset I get and no matter how many times I haven't sat down on the couch with you to read "Moo, Baa, La, La, La" again you always kiss me goodnight, still want me to hold you, and never turn down a hug.  You love me without conditions and I can't imagine life without having you to love.

And there's so much about you to love.  The sparkle in your eyes, the laugh that starts way down in your gut, the way you grab my face for a kiss, the way you think you can still fit in that space between my waist and neck the same way you did 12 months ago.  The unconventional way you play with your toys, your tenacity (no, the Tonka truck will not fit under the chair, but you won't give up on trying until I find something else for you to do), your eagerness to help your parents with a job, the way you quickly love on your little brother when you know you've done something wrong.  You've been blessed with this wonderful ability to reach out to others, I have much to learn from your outgoing personality.  You've helped me make friends in all the new places we've been, and I'm quickly learning it's impossible to be shy and Jack's mom at the same time.

Even in these short two years, God's hand in your life has been evident.  And not just in protecting you from countless possible injuries, although we're thankful for that as well.  But I know he's planting seeds, stirring something in your little heart, of the things to come.  I pray that you'll let God lead you all the days of your life.  That you will fulfill all the plans and purposes He has for you, and that you will use the talents He's given you for the glory of God.

Jack, your name means "gift" and that is exactly what you've been.  The 9 months leading up to and since October 12, 2008 have been a treasure.  I cannot wait to see what your future holds, but for now I'm content to keep you our little boy, our Jumping Jack, our adorable Tank.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

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