Friday, October 15, 2010

Jack's Birthday Festivities

Jack had a low-key birthday this year.  We'll be going home soon to celebrate with the extended family so we just did a little sumpin' sumpin' for him this week, just us.  And actually, the fun started a little before the big day when we went to visit a farm with some of our neighborhood friends.

Jack was in his element!  There was a tractor with a hay wagon, animals to pet and practice making animal sounds with, a corn kernel pit with toys, a hay bale maze with a slide and a big pumpkin patch to pick out his very own pumpkin!  He really had a great time, and definitely was not ready to leave.  I had fun to, but am learning the hard way just how much I can take on by myself with two little ones.  It's quite difficult to nurse a baby and chase down a toddler who is about to run into the road.  It's impossible to hold a sleeping Jude and a squirming Jack at the same time on the hay wagon.  And try loading a baby and a not-ready-to-leave-yet tearful toddler into the car without leaving one behind.  Thankfully we have some friends that could lend a hand with Jack.

And the day before Jack's birthday Jon and I reminisced throughout the day about that special date two years ago.  "This time 2 years ago Mommy and Daddy were walking around the neighborhood waiting for you to come out!"  "This time 2 years ago is when Mommy started to say, 'Ouch, this hurts!'"  "This time 2 years ago we started to think you didn't want to come out and meet us" ... And Jon and I were reminded again of how blessed we are to be able to fondly recall the labor and birth of our both our boys.  Two awesome yet different experiences that I never, ever want to forget.

Jon went into school late so that we were able to spend the morning together as a family.  After breakfast Jack had some presents to open.  And I can see, once again, how very much he resembles his father.

Jack showed little emotion during present opening.

He most definitely does not get this from me.

I may have home videos hidden away of me yelling, bouncing, dancing, etc. while opening presents.
Jack, on the other hand, keeps his anticipation well hidden.

Oh, there's something resembling excitement!

He did liven up a bit more after the trains came out of the boxes and we played together on the floor.

And of course it wouldn't be a birthday without cake. Marmie is working on a special one for our visit, but just for kicks Jack and I whipped up some banana cupcakes for after-lunch. Baking with Jack remains a challenging endeavor. Everything goes in the bowl, every spoon, measuring cup, ingredient ... at least to begin with. A few stirs later and half the ingredients have been tossed out of the bowl. I'm constantly trying to determine how much of something that is now splattered on the counter I should re-add to the bowl.

Amazingly they still tasted divine!  Happy 2nd Birthday Jack!

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