Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A newer England

This weekend was our whirlwind trip to Connecticut to visit fellow Coastie friends Nick, Lindsey, and Rose (and #2 coming in January!!) and to attend Jon's 5 year reunion at the Academy.  We had "a whale of a time" in New England!

Jon can't really take time off since he has class so we spent a total of 36 hours in Connecticut and two very long car rides there and back.  Now, Jack is a road trip veteran.  He's been pulling 8+ hours in his carseat since he was 2 months old.  But this was Jude's first big one, and I'm happy to report he did surprisingly well.  That's one big "phew" for me!  Both boys were great, of course we did have a DVD player.  And I do feel a tad guilty about how much we rely on that for peaceful car rides.  But he also read a few books, played with cars, pointed out every single truck/plane/train we saw, and slept for a bit ... so he wasn't totally fixated on fast-moving-pictures-that-can-overload-his-little-developing-brain.  (Can you tell TV viewing has been a recent topic of conversation among us playground moms?)

So yes, the trip went swimmingly well, despite the fact that it started off with a "bang."  About a mile away from our house I watched a rock fly towards us, heard a pop and both Jon and I gasped when we saw the 3 inch crack in the windshield, directly in front of my seat.  Five minutes later we noticed that it had nearly doubled in length.  Jon assured me that he sees people driving around all the time with cracked windshields and that I wouldn't lose my facial features during the remaining 399 miles of our trip.  Thankfully the window held, and continues to hold, although the crack is now much, much longer.

We arrived before midnight, dropped the kiddies in their pack 'n plays, crawled into bed ... and then were both kept awake by the sound of two little boys snoring in their sleep.  Although it was slightly difficult to fall asleep, I realize just how sweet that sound is, especially to the mama who still wakes up in the night to check on her boys.  Poor Jude probably has some scary dreams of a woman creeping into his room with a flashlight, feeling his hands and nose to make sure he's still warm and shoving her ear in his face just to hear him breathing.  Just dreams though ... not like that happens in real life or anything.

The day's events included a tailgate party on-campus, followed by the football game, after which we all met up at a local Elk's lodge for catered dinner.  It was a long day away from home ... and beds.  But once again things went surprisingly well.  Shock of all shocks, Jack fell asleep in his stroller.  Even more shocking of all schockings he stayed asleep for at least 1 1/2 hours!!  It was the highlight of our day since both Jon and I were dreading taking a napless toddler to dinner.  Of course, Jude was easy.  He slept in the carseat, slept in the Moby, slept in my arms.  Which is why, yet again, I have very few photos to share of our weekend.  But wait, look, it's a picture of me!  Finally, someone has taken a picture of the photographer!

And then there was Jack and Rose.  These two have a love/hate relationship.  One minute they're laughing together, the next fighting over who gets to hold what toy.  One minute they're cozying up with each other in a box lid, sharing a sippy cup of apple juice that the Elk's bartender happened to have on hand (Apparently drinks for kids are free.  I would have never guessed this, since I don't regularly take my children to bars), the next minute Jack's cutting Rose off from complimentary sips.

So yes, it was a fun and exhausting weekend.  Thankfully our hosts aren't night people either.  We like hanging out with Nick and Lindsey because they go to bed early too. :)  We had a drama free drive home, with a pit stop at Uncle Jared's so Jack could stretch his legs ... and give Uncle Jared his first casuality-by-nephew.  The poor guy is struggling enough for apartment decor, and Jack had to go and break the mitt off his bobble-head baseball player.  We also dined on some Chinese and picked up Marmie's spoils from the community yard sale last week.  We made out GOOD this year!  Thank you Marmie (and Poppa) for yet another year's wardrobe for the boys.  Jack's so excited he can't contain himself!

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Hannah said...

The same thing happened to our windshield on our anniversary getaway :( we called the insurance company and they took care of it-apparently it's categorized under the same thing as hitting a deer!

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