Saturday, March 19, 2011

The latest on our littlest

Our newest addition had a photo shoot yesterday!  At 11 weeks, 2 days (don't you love the exactness of gestational age!) this was the furthest along I've ever been for a first trimester ultrasound, and I was amazed at the difference a week or two can make!


#3 is clearly a human baby.  Baby's feet were kicking, arms flailing, heart beating ... and I'm almost positive I saw fingers and toes but I won't assert that for sure, just in case that's not possible at this stage and I was just imagining things. The nurse sent home a stack of pictures since my husband couldn't join me.  Unfortunately, someone had to stay home with the other offspring. 

Baby was measuring a few days behind (as usual), but not enough to make them change my dates (as usual) so I'm officially due on October 5.  Yeah, me and the majority of pregnant woman apparently.  Did you know October 5 is the most populous birthdate in the United States?  Wikipedia says it, so it must be true -  Of course, I highly doubt baby will make an appearance on its due date.  I'm actually thinking a week later (as usual), which is Jack's birthday. :(  So I'm hoping to go a week earlier and maybe score ourselves a September birthday, because I like to spread the holiday cheer around in this family!

The nurse didn't have an exact heartrate but said it was somewhere in the 150s, the same as Jack and Jude at this point.  Which means (a) our children are all consistent or (b) this one is another boy.  And I gotta say, even though I, and the rest of the world it seems, have been thinking girl this time around ... I wonder if it's just wishful thinking?  Honestly, if I went with my gut right now, I'd have to guess boy.  I think this is the safest guess to make so that I'll either be pleasantly surprised to find out it's a girl or already prepared to find out it's a boy. 

And did you know that with two previous boys I have greater chances of having a third boy than a girl?  The chances aren't as high as folklore might suggest, only about 2-6%, but still there.  Then again, technically everyone has greater chances of having a boy with each pregnancy because 51% of babies born are male.  Interesting, huh?  Read more at


Here is our 11th week belly shot.  Definitely something there that wasn't there a few weeks ago, although I'm still able to button up my "fat jeans" or at least pull the rubberband trick.  Funny thing is my belly button has already started to pop, after three pregnancies in three years I think it just doesn't want to put up a fight anymore, because it's certainly not under much pressure!

So all is well in utero.  Baby is in the right spot, looking healthy and active and there's only one!  I'm starting to feel much, much better.  I haven't thrown up in three whole days and I'm feeling a bit more energetic each day.  Which is good, because I've got 24 hours to turn this neglected, haven't-felt-like-cleaning-since-week-7 house into something model home-worthy for some prospective renters coming to check things out, and it's going to take a large chunk of those hours just to make sure the bathroom doesn't smell like a 2.5 year old has been potty training for the last two months. Eek!

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