Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's hear it for the girls!

My little guys are away at Grandy Camp all week and Jon spent the last few days in Virginia.  Which meant the Little Miss and I had the first half of the week all to ourselves!


I just looked at the calendar and can confirm, she is indeed turning 1 in about 6 weeks.  Noooo, say it ain't so!  Because in my mind she is still very much my itty-bitty baby.  It certainly helps that she's not walking yet and nope, not even crawling.  I've been known to birth some late-bloomers and I'm quite pleased with my mad skills in that area. 

Whoa, take it down a notch Yaya.
Especially this week.  I've been doing a lot of cleaning while my boys are gone.  And since Julia is the only other person home, and she can't really move around much, I can do really cool things like let the bucket of mop water sit out until I feel like putting it away.  Or let the box of baking soda on the coffee table.  Or the dusting spray on the counter.  And NOBODY touches it! I'm tellin' ya, I'm living the dream this week!


She's not completely immobile though.  Recently our Lia has perfected the "rearword motion scoot."  It only works on hard floors.  But she'll sit up straight with legs outstretched, plant her hands in front of her and push back.  And that's how she gets around.  It's also how she ends up in the oddest positions.  Like under the chair.  And twice now I've heard her crying and finally found her folded over, stuck under my bed.  She couldn't sit up because her head banged the top, and she couldn't scoot forward because, well she just doesn't know how.  Better figure that one out soon little lady!


Between the two of us it has been a relaxing week though.  Work is very busy right now with the semester starting Monday.  So basically I've been using my 2/3-free time to do work and clean.  Forget cooking.  Jon asked what was for dinner tonight and I said I didn't know, I have the week off!  Fortunately, my daughter and I are easy to please.  Chipotle suits us just fine!  Okay, so we didn't go there every day this week ... sometimes we brought it home to enjoy. 


What can I say?  Girlfriend loves her beans and rice!

She also loves her one-on-one time with Mama.  I don't know if it's because I'm more focused on her this week or what, but both Jon and I are starting to realize ... our girl is a tad crazy!


She's kinda into this shrill squealing phase.  And she's also still doing that spitting/raspberry thing.  Now that she's mastered clapping she likes to do it all the time.  Apparently it's her way of saying "yes" or "That makes me happy!" or "Good idea Mom!" or "Hey, I see you walking towards me like you're going to pick me up!" or "More beans and rice please!"  Who needs to learn real words when you can just clap?


Well, unless you're not happy, not pleased with mom, don't want any more food and are upset that someone walked right on by you without reaching your way.  In which cases you'll need something else.  Oh, she's got that one down too.  Enter: The Boo Boo Lip.


Man, she's good.  And she knows it.

She's doing the Jude-face.
She's had a lot of reasons to bust that one out this week.  Because even though it's nice to have mom all to yourself, sometimes it's nice to have someone else around to pay attention to you when mom's too busy. 


But all and all we are doing just fine.  Enjoying our clean house.  Eating whatever we feel like whenever we feel like it.  Hanging out at home in just our diapers.  And maybe even catching up on re-runs of The Pioneer Woman.  Oh no, Grandy Camp is definitely not just for the kids! 


JSS said...

I love how she just keeps cracking herself up. :) Unless of course you were making ridiculous faces at her, which is what I would have been doing.

J9 said...

Guilty. :) But she does crack herself up sometimes too. Just not when the camera comes out!

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