Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 week-a-roos

With impending motherhood comes the urge to speak Baby-Talk. Ergo, I will no longer announce my gestational age in weeks, but rather week-a-roos. It is not a "bottle" it's a "bah-bah." And when a chill falls over our love nest at night, I will be reaching for a "blankie." On a side note, Dr. Meltzoff actually calls this "parentese" and despite popular belief, this kind of speech is a wonderful tutorial for young children because of it's clear and elongated vowel sounds. And because the sentences are generally short, simple, and repetitive, they're easy for toddlers to mimic. So, now you know.

Now back to being 10 week-a-roos. It would seem that my morning sickness has let-up some. I am now only sick in the morning (as the term would suggest) and then usually around the time I get home from work. Aside from that and complete, utter exhaustion from about 2:00pm on, things are going quite well. Unfortunately, my new habits of relaxing on the couch after work until going to bed at 8:30 are not very conducive to my responsibilities as a grad-student.

My parents came to visit over Easter weekend. It was great to spend some time with them, but one of the highlights was shopping with my mom for maternity-clothes. Between my mom and the ready-to-serve sales associate at Motherhood Maternity, I ended up with half the store in my dressing room, and if you've ever been in the packed-out Motherhood, you know that's a lot. Now I hardly look pregnant, but that is not a problem for these experts. They provide you with a "pregnancy pillow" you can strap on to add about 3 months to your abdomen while you try on clothes. This was fun for about one fitting. Somehow the lumpy cotton blob under my shirt just wasn't drawing up the expectant mother excitment that I thought it would. But it did little to hinder my spending capacities and between there and Old Navy we still managed to blow the budget and hook me up with a sizeable wardrobe. As much as I enjoy wearing brand-spanking-new clothing, I'm trying to hold off as much as possible on these only because I know that someday, in the coming months, I'm going to be wishing I could still wear the clothes I can now.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Certainly she can't be in maternity clothes already!" But alas, this small bump has nearly pushed me over the edge. If you ever visited me at work, and saw the way I now wear my pants, you too would realize how appealing an elastic waistband sounds right about now. Give me a few more weeks of this rubber-band trick and I'll soon be crawling to my "secret-fit belly" stretch jeans.

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