Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby J's First Photo Shoot

Today was the appointment I have been waiting for my whole life ... or at least since my dud appointment last week. I've been able to schedule the majority of my appointments at the clinic on the base where Jon works which is slightly closer and does not involve crossing any bridges or tunnels. When I first arrived the entire clinic was undergoing a tornado drill, so everyone in the office had to cluster into the receptionist's room. The evidently-efficient receptionist decided to do what she could with my file while we were all waiting. Nothing like shouting your height, weight and last menstrual period across a room full of strangers. Or, as in my case, shouting it twice because the sweet women didn't speak very good English.
Despite my half-day appointment last week, the staff must have failed to do their job, leaving today's nurse to go over my complete medical and family history. But I have to admit, we had a great time bonding over listeria warnings and stretched ligaments.
After a few tests she brought Jon into the office for the ultra-sound. It was amazing! Baby looks like a little teddy bear, with a big head, round stomach and stubby little arms and legs, which were flailing about during the ultrasound. We also got to see the heart beating! We held our breath while she looked for what she thought could be a neighbor (sooo not ready for two) but she determined it was only a full bladder. (Doesn't take long for that these days.) And so we were sent home with two pictures to share with our family and friends, and another appointment scheduled in 4 weeks.
Now that we have no-doubt-about-it confirmation that this baby is real and in it for the long haul, I feel like I can stop being nauseous. Now if only my body would get the memo...

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