Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby's First Vacation

We went to Key West this week to visit some of Jon's friends from the Coast Guard Academy. It was my first time in Florida and we had perfect weather. We spent some time on the beach, out on the boat and by the pool. Did some touring and lots of sightseeing.
The first day there I was so busy looking at the beautiful homes and architecture that I ran into a tree branch and scraped the top of my head. The second day there I stepped on a fish bone and ended up with a fish-rib poking through my flip-flop. I'm beginning to wonder just how safe my baby's carrier is going to be over the next 8 months.

I'm only 6 weeks along but I've already gotten a pooch and just this week nausea has begun to kick in. Flying was the most difficult. Just when did airlines stop serving mid-flight snacks?? I spent most of my traveling time praying that the Lord would either help me not throw up or pee my pants. It would appear that I've reached the food and bathroom addiction stage. I now carry snacks in my purse and always scope out the nearest bathroom. Sounds like good preparation for motherhood!

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