Friday, September 5, 2008

Who will Jack take after?

We know that Jack is a boy, and seeing how his parents don't have a lot of diverse genes to offer, we're pretty sure that he'll end up having blonde hair and blue-ish eyes, be somewhat on the shorter side, and have huge muscles. Just kidding :). I've never been good at the who-your-baby-takes-after game, but come mid-October I'm going to be very curious to know just which of Handsome Coastie's and my traits our son inherits.

Will he be big and long-overdue like his Mama?

Or average and a little late like his Dad?

Will he have Mama's unruly curls?

Or Daddy's silky straight locks?

Beach bum?

Or ship captain?


Or Bennie Dog?

What do you think?

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