Sunday, September 14, 2008

Capn's Quarters, Part II

Drumroll please ... the nursery is complete! And I have the pictures to prove it.

This is the view from the door into the room, and a shot of Marmie's awesome nautical flags. Each stands for a different letter of the alphabet.

Here's the crib and adorable sailboat bedding set.

This is the rocking chair from Rachel's attic, Handsome Coastie just finished staining it. It's a perfect match! Those are also the curtains that I made the other week.

Here's the changing table, and the nautical flag toy holder. See the little gold sign? ...

... it says "Poop Deck."
This is the oar peg-holder that the cousins so generously "donated" from their own bedroom. ;) Also the cool Coast Guard life-saver from Megan and "Baby's First Seabag" from the Navy.

This is Jack's bookshelf, although it's somewhat lacking in the book department.

Jack's crammed closet. Thanks to Marmie's yard saling skills, Rachel's boys' hand-me-downs, and all our great friends, Jack's pretty well-set in the clothing department. I hardly had to buy a thing!

Final stop, Jack's toy basket. You can't bump into this stand without setting off a nursery song or some flashing-light rubber ball thing.

We're hoping to have Jack himself take you all on a video tour of his "crib" once he arrives. Until then, you now have at least an idea of how this couple prepares for their first child. We realize that baby Jack could care less about his lighthouse nightlight, hand-stained rocking chair, and designer clothes, and that by the time he knows what a "sailboat" is he'll probably be out of the crib. But setting up the nursery was loads of fun for the hubby and I, and definitely an exciting beginning to the radical life changes we're about to experience. And while it's slightly less convenient to trek down to the basement to get on the computer, reorganize the kitchen cupboards to make room for baby bottles, bowls and spoons, or step around the electric-powered-3-stage reclining- music-playing-with-5-nature-sound-options-baby swing, we can't think of a better reason to reduce, rearrange and rethink our current lives than that little boy who's going to make his appearance next month.

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