Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changing seasons, changing ... background noise

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, fall is my favorite season! I’m so excited that things here in Virginia Beach have finally started to cool off and that I can participate in some of my favorite fall activities: picking pumpkins, purchasing mum, riding on hay wagons and the annual flinging open of windows!!

I love having the windows open. Growing up in Pennsylvania without air conditioning, it didn't matter how hot the summer was. Here in Virginia things are a little different, and I've grown accustomed to spending the summer days shut up in my climate-controlled bubble, oblivious to the outside world. Now that our windows are open, I've become re-aquainted with our neighborhood. More specifically, I've noticed that our quiet little street isn't as quiet as I once thought. First, I noticed that a lot of people take walks on our street with their kids after work. I think this is cute. I love to hear the voices of little ones as they pedal as fast as they can on their tricycle, or try to spin out in the neighbors driveway. I've also enjoyed checking out the different strollers that come by our front walk. Second, I've noticed that there is a very sassy squirrel in the tree by the window in Jack's room. I really hope he goes into hibernation soon because I don't need his squeaking disturbing my son's naps.

Having the windows open has also drawn us closer to our backyard neighbors, or at least made us more aware of them. On Sunday, while washing dishes and enjoying the breeze in my open window and while Jon was watching the football game, I heard some very strong language yelled to the referee for a bad call. It took me a few seconds to realize that this was no man in my house, but rather an angry fan in the house several yards away. Then yesterday, whilst making my husband a delicious dinner the tune, of which I can only say must be the soundtrack for the underworld, suddenly came blaring across the tree tops. I would have thought it was Jon in the next room, but we definitely don't have that kind of noise in our house. And it wasn't the Navy boys who live next door. No, it was some teenager a few houses down who's parents must have been out because the serenade was allowed to go on about a songlength longer than it should have.

At nearly 37 weeks, there is also one other aspect of fall that I've come to appreciate even more so this year - a new wardrobe. Thanks to the cooler weather I've been able to opt for a more "layered look" and I can honestly say I'm back in some of my non-maternity clothes. Granted I can't button the jackets, but at least it has provided me with some variety of attire. Sadly, I've reached the point where a number of maternity clothes don't fit anymore. This is surprising to me because most people are still commenting that I'm rather small for being due "any day." Although there are a few people who prefer to assert that I'm "huge!" Fortunately, aside from my swollen feet which I've been able to get under some sort of control, I'm still feeling pretty good. Every once in while I catch my husband with the "will-she-ever-get-back-to-normal" look in his eyes, and I can sympathize, but other than being slightly larger and slower, I still feel a lot like my old self. You know you're getting close to the end when you switch from thinking about how big you're going to get to wondering how long it will take to get small again!


geri said...

Oh, Janine, I have some bad news for you...squirrels do not hibernate! They do, however, hang off birdfeeders, spill seed all over, chase the birds off and then refuse to leave even when shouted at. Since I don't know how to operate the shotgun, I'm going to try out the Mimi lifeguard whistle on them this winter.

J9 said...

Haha, I need to get myself a Mimi lifeguard whistle then!

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