Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Take My Breath Away

Long, long ago, in my prior life, before there were husbands, college coursework, Graco Quattro strollers in Catalina print and Labor and Delivery tours... I attended my high school prom. The theme, chosen by my Junior classmates, was “Take My Breath Away” (based on the song released when most of the class was barely two years old). The only reason I remember this, of course, is because of the lovely champagne glass I received with “Take My Breath Away – Milton High School Prom 2001” etched on the side (would someone please tell me why we give teenagers adult beverage containers at their high school proms???). I have never once used that glass, I’m pretty sure it’s packed away in a box in my parents’ attic, otherwise I would include a picture of it here for you all to see. But I am reminded of it this week when, thinking back to the lavender balloons, silver confetti, and gym-turned-ballroom that left us all “breathless” over 7 years ago, I realize what really takes my breath way – being 8 months pregnant.

And so now we embrace a new phenomenon of baby-growing – pressure on the diaphragm. At first I just noticed it whenever I would lay down at night, but now it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that I can no longer climb both flights of stairs, trek to the top of the lighthouse, carry a load of laundry or even lounge on the couch solving Sudoku puzzles without taking twice as many breaths as I used to. Fortunately, this is not a painful or uncomfortable result of pregnancy – simply an unexpected one. I have to wonder, if I’m feeling this squished how does Lil’ J feel??

Amidst these moments that take my breath away, we just wrapped up a very unlaborous Labor Day weekend with Handsome Coastie’s parents here in Virginia Beach. The only thing better than eating dinner out, sitting on the beach, visiting lighthouses, watching movies, and hunting for buried treasure is being able to do them all without thinking about issues at work or my final project that I need to get crackin’ on. It was a refreshing weekend, and sadly, the last of which we’ll spend with our long line of summer visitors. Looks like the guest suite will be sitting empty for the next 6 weeks until the baby arrives.

Nursery update: The bed skirt arrived this week and now Jack’s room is done, EXCEPT for the rocking chair. Here's a picture of me at 33 1/2 weeks and a "sneak peak" at the nursery. For the benefit of my readers, I have asked my husband several times for an estimated time of completion on this project, but I think we’ve reached the “nagging wife” point and my pleas have become ineffective. I would go ahead and do this myself if he’d let me, but I think he hid the stain and varnish. My only suggestion is that you contact him personally, compelling him to finish the rocking chair so his sweet wife can FINALLY post pictures of the baby’s room for all those who have been patiently waiting. :)

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