Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't mess with a mama and her napping baby!

I live at the beach. There is only one house in our neighborhood with enough grass worthy enough to be deemed a "yard." And that house just so happens to be right next door. It is also vacant. According to the neighborhood gossip it's owned by a very rich man in real estate, who is presumably sitting on the property until he can either sell it off for profit or build a big 4-unit condo. Personally, I think the Lord is keeping it vacant while we live here so that the side of my house can still get some sunshine.
Because this is the only house with more than 10 cubic feet of grass, it is also the only house that requires a lawnmower. So once a week during the summer a big ole' truck and trailer veer into the driveway, 3 people jump out with 3 different grass-cutting devices, and in 15 minutes flat the yard is sheered and the mowers are back in the truck. This is serious business. I mean, check out that professional mowers garb, complete with protective eyewear. I don't know about you, but that is not the kind of mower that I grew up with in Pennsylvania. And people live on multiple acres where I come from, not multiple cubic feet.

Unfortunately, this weekly occurance didn't seem nearly as catastrophic last summer when I was pregnant as it does now that I have a 6 month old... WHO TAKES NAPS! It didn't dawn on me until the revving of the gas powered engines that Jack was sleeping soundly in his peaceful crib, right next to the window that overlooks vacant-neighbors' yard. And to think, last year I was worried about squirrels keeping Jack up!! After 15 minutes of pacing the floor, peering out the windows, wondering if they would ever finish the job (yes I am that kind of neighbor, it's probably a good thing no one lives next door) and beginning to formulate a plan for how I was going to ask these mowers if we could coordinate our schedules in the future so that they arrived during waketime, I finally realized sleeping Jack remained unphased. Phew, what a relief. Thank goodness for a solid sleeper and yet another good reason Jack takes after his dad!

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