Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you want it, come and get it

I think I have a tendency to be one of those hovering moms, you know, the kind that never leave their child's side and any time a toy falls out of reach they put it back in their kid's "zone"? So I'm working hard at giving Jack some independent playtime - time with just him and his toys so that he can figure things out on his own without mommy interfering. It's actually kind of funny, Jack will happily play by himself with me listening from the other room for about 20 minutes or so, but as soon as he even catches a glimpse of me walking by he suddenly wants his mom. OH! And speaking of wanting mom, he actually REACHED for me for the first time on Sunday. This was kind of sweet since he's never done that before, but has also caused me to watch out for a clingy baby. I have no problems with babies lovin' up and being close to their mamas, but for me personally it is a goal to raise kids who can be just as happy without mom as they are with her. I want Jack to be used to spending time with other people, and to realize that he can be safe and happy with our family and friends. I've heard 6 months is around the time when babies start clinging to their mamas, but so far he seems to enjoy being dropped off at the sitters or left with his daddy for a few hours. He's probably thankful for a break from me! Now that I've totally gone off-track, what I really wanted to share was this video of mommy making Jack retrieve his own toys. I finally realized he's never going to learn to crawl if I'm constantly putting them back in his hands. On the other hand, a three-level house may not be the best place to learn mobility anyway. Bring on the safety gates!!


MamaMauby said...

I can report that the clingy mommy phase hit here around 8 months and wore off by 12. Now Ocean will jump into other people's laps/arms/what have you...especially if there is food!

Oh and crib play time is awesome for developing independent play. It gives you time to do some stuff while they play in a safe location...especially once that mobility REALLY kicks in! HAHA

Charity said...

He has got some gorgeous eyes! Watch out girls!

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