Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A week of firsts

Last week was a very exciting time in the life of Jack. On Monday he started sitting up on his own for the first time. Although he still tends to tip over on occasion, the fact that he can generally stay up on his own and play with toys has made my life just a little easier. I think he also enjoys the new vantage point. On Thursday he got his first tooth. Actually it may have been there on Wednesday but of course I didn't notice. There have been so many days over the past 2 months that I was certain Jack was going to pop a tooth, days where he would just gnaw on everything, days where his shirt would be soaked with drool by 9am, and days where he was just plain cranky. But nothing ever came of it. So naturally, his first tooth would show up with virtually no warning whatsoever. I took him into work for a baby shower and one of the professors casually said "oh and he's got a tooth!!" I was like "WHAT?!" Sure enough, there was his first pearly white peering through. And let me tell you, that itty-bitty tooth is SHARP! White Fang was chewing on my finger a little later that day and poked a hole right through it. OUCH! Mommy doesn't put her finger in Jack's mouth anymore.
This weekend was also Jack's first Easter. Nonnie and Poppie came to visit and Jack also got to meet his Aunt Kate, Uncle Josh and cousins Aviel and Gabe for the first time! I love cousins, at least I think I would if I actually had more than 2 (that I rarely see). So far, Jack has 6, and that's only on Jon's side of the family. I'm envisioning many fun holidays together in our future! Jack also had a great Easter. After two days of hanging out with the cuz's, he was slightly exhausted. It didn't take long for him to konk out during Church. (Note: This is a cell phone pic, I don't normally bust out the Kodak in the middle of Pastor's sermons ...).

And finally, this weekend we also experienced Jack's first cold. I've been patting myself on the back lately for not only having successfully avoided illness myself for over the past year, but for also having a very healthy baby. Jack's never been sick, lots of spit-up but never barf, I still can't figure out our ear thermometer so it's good I've never had to use it, and until this week I've only had to use the aspirator (hitherto referred to as Mr. Sucky) once during Jack's first few days of life to get out one big boogie. So it was very sad to see my little one struggling with a stuffy nose. It really wasn't that bad, the whole ordeal maybe lasted 36 hours. This was more of a "Man Cold" or perhaps in this case a "Boy Cold." If you've never experienced a "Man Cold" you need to view this:

The worst part about Jack's cold was the fact that Jon and I were sleeping in his room that weekend since we had houseguests. So all Saturday night I had to listen to Jack's boogered breathing, then coughing, then crying for Mom (more like "Mahhhh" but in the wee small hours of the morning it really sounds like he's saying "Mom"). So I'd get up, rub his forhead and say "Poor little bunny." He'd fall right back to sleep and then start the process over again in another 2 hours. It was a rough night and a good reminder of how far we've come since October. And of course, the next day both Jon and I woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses. Which reminds me of one more "first" to add to the list: Jon saying "Hearing Jack cry at night was heartbreaking." Oh really, you heard that? Hmm, that's a first. ;)

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