Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jack gets an opinion

I'm not sure when it started or how it happened, but Jack seems to have gotten an opinion ... and he chooses to voice it with a new range of whines and cries. A few months ago, I began to notice that Jack's typical baby-cries had started to turn into a perturbing whine. After spending day in and day out with the little dude, the difference between a "need" cry and a "want" cry is becoming more and more obvious. Add to this development the ability to turn his head, move his hands, and wrinkle his nose and Jack's got a whole new range of ways to communicate "No way I'm not havin' it!!"

He generally busts out the whine when he's tired of playing in the same spot with the same toys, when I'm not feeding him fast enough (or I'm trying to feed him prunes like in the picture above), when I'm putting him in the sleep-hold and he just wants to stay up and play, and when I'm sitting down with him and he'd prefer that I stand. Yeah, he's a little picky.

So with this new whining ability, I've also got to practice the mommy "no." I find myself saying "no" so much lately, and he's not even crawling! I hate to think of how negative I'm going to start sounding when he's really able to get into trouble.

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