Monday, April 6, 2009

Like Father Like Son

Jack loves his Daddy. From the moment Jon gets home from work to the time I put him down to bed, he can't take his eyes of his dad. Kinda makes nursing a bit of a challenge. I'm Jack's buddy, but Jon is his hero.

It's also becoming more and more obvious that Jack takes after his Pops. When we're out, people will usually take one look at Jack, one look at me, and then ask if his Daddy is "a big man." I'm never quite sure how to respond to that. He may have my eyes (which is probably why people always comment that the baby looks tired), but he's my Jonny Junior. And I'm perfectly fine with that. Someday I'll get my petite, curly, blonde haired little girl... I hope. Then again, I always thought it would be interesting to end up with a girl with Jon's personality and a boy with mine. We'll see how that pans out...

Now that Jack is almost 6 months, he seems to think he's a big boy. I think I need to arrange more playdates for our child, after hanging out with adults most of the time, he's beginning to think he's one of us. Check out Jack trying to get his hands on Jon's cup of morning Joe:

Jack still does not appreciate Tummy Time, although he is getting much better at it. But I think we may have figured out an alternative - workouts with Dad! Jon just started P90X (you may have seen the convincing infomercials). Jon says it's hard work, Jack thinks it's hilarious. He cracks up with every move Jon makes. The other day Jack joined in for some push-ups.

It must've been a good work-out because two days later he was sitting up all by himself. Go Junior!!

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