Sunday, July 26, 2009

A constant state of disarray

At least, that's how I feel about Jack's room right now. It's strange, when I used to think of a baby nursery I always thought of a cute, bright, airy, neat, sweet child-friendly space. But in real life Jack's room is generally dark as a cave (he sleeps better that way), a little stinky (depending on what just went into the diaper pail), and pretty messy. But not a dirty kind of mess, more like a clothes everywhere kind of mess. It's just hard to keep up with the wardrobe demands of a child who can't stay in one size for longer than 2 months. I feel like as soon as I get his drawers and closet organized with one size, he's already moving on to the next size. So the poor kid has a room full of boxes. Boxes of clothes that are currently too big but won't be for long, boxes of clothes that fit but aren't the right season, and boxes of clothes that he just grew out of but haven't made their way to the attic (sadly some of these he never got a chance to wear!),

Sidenote: Can you tell the ceiling fan is on in this picture? :)

I finally got busy and re-organized every little piece of clothing down to the newborn size socks and cap he wore home from the hospital. I sorted everything by size and style, and lined them up in plastic bins. I started to label them "Jack's Clothes" and then changed my mind. Instead I wrote "Baby Boy size ..." And I have to say, I got a little sentimental. It seems like years since Jack wore some of those outfits, not 9 months. I began to worry that I might never have to open these boxes again.

So when Jon came home from work I said, "Honey, we have to have another boy." He responds, "Well I'd love to have another boy." "No," I said, "You don't get it. Even if we have 3 girls in a row, I need to have another boy." He snaughed (that's a snort and laugh) and walked out of the room. So there you have it folks, I am counting on not letting my organizational skills go to waste. Those "Baby Boy" boxes will be put to good use again, someday.

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