Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gentle Jack

I love watching Jack play with his toys. It's fun to watch his budding personality come through. It appears that he has his mom's patience and his dad's attention to detail. Then again, Jon and I are very similar in both of those areas. Sometimes I'm a little surprised at how rough he is with his toys. Where did he learn this stuff?? And where did this baby-anger come from?
It's also interesting to see which toys he plays with the most. Despite a pile of singing, flashing, moving, colorful pieces of plastic, his go-to toy is currently a compartmentalized plate (you'll see it in the video). He does the same thing every time, open and shut the doors, and take off the blue one. I put it back on for him, and within a few seconds he pulls it off again. He's very predictable.
And I'm always amazed to see how much he can concentrate on one little, tiny aspect of one, lonely toy. If you give him a stuffed animal, he will go straight to the tag and flick it back and forth for the whole play time. He loves to flick one of my finger nails when I'm holding him, and last night while we were laying on the couch his activity of choice was running his finger over the ridges on my front tooth. It was so weird I couldn't stop laughing, and then I was afraid I was going to accidentally bite him. But he was very serious about inspecting mommy's teeth.
So that's our son, our little mini-us whose quirks keep us entertained on daily basis!

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