Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hypothetical Reader Questions

Judging from the number of comments my blog gets, you wouldn't guess I have a lot of readers. Thankfully, Sitemeter validates my efforts. For fun, lets just say I have tons of readers, and perhaps a few have questions, maybe like this:
Janine, since your adorable little boy now sleeps 12 hours at night, still takes two naps, is a really fast eater, and has a father who attempts to fulfill his one-diaper-change-a-day obligations, what do you do with all your free time? Especially since you work from home, which means you don't really work that much at all.
- Your Biggest Fan
Hi! Thanks! I really don't have that much free time, mainly because I do work from home, but I'm glad you asked anyway, because recently I started on a new, challenging project... my backyard!
Jon and I love our little beach house and we like to dream about what we'd do if it was ours - like paint, hardwood floors, drapes, and landscaping. But since we don't own it, and we won't be living here after next summer, we really have no desire to dump any more money into it than we have to. Compared to most of our neighbors, our "land space" (I can't really say "yard") is quite big. But it's also an overgrown mess! It would be so fun to plant grass, create some flower beds and maybe even plant a small garden. But we just haven't done it. Since I knew we were having friends in this summer, and we were planning to have a campfire night with S'mores, I decided it would be a good time to clear out the yard a bit.
So I started pulling weeds and raking leaves during Jack's naps and after he went to bed at night. It was actually a lot more enjoyable than I imagined. It was nice to spend some time outside, seeing the impact hard work could have on our little jungle. And it actually wasn't as difficult as it looked. Since many of those plants were vines, pulling up a weed at one end of the yard usually resulted in simultaneously clearing weeds from the other end. I enjoyed the change of scene so much that I decided to keep working on the project long after we had a our campfire fun.
So this is what our back space looked like before I got to work.

And this is what I was able to do so far.
We had a great night sitting around the campfire visiting with friends and making tasty S'Mores.

Don't worry, I didn't have to do all this work alone. My big helper took care of a few loads in his Gator.
Now just in case you're wondering where my hubby is during all this mess, well he was inside shampooing the carpets. It was a little of a role reversal this particular week. :)
Now that we have some manageable turf, I'm hoping to spend some more time outside with Jack. After only one short playtime in the backyard, he already managed to get dirt in his ears, nose and mouth. Having fun keeps Mommy on her toes!


Mauby said...

wait until Jack puts things in his diaper! :D

I found a sun-dried worm in Ocean's after outdoor playtime. ;)

Charity said...

I personally find working from home more challenging than being on campus. :) Anyone who says working from home is easy needs a smack in the face - or a small child for many hours - tee hee. Still worth it though!

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