Monday, July 13, 2009

Entertain Yourself

So there have been some complaints about no new blog posts this past week. Exxxcuuuse me faithful followers, but I have been busy having tons of fun with our latest round of houseguests. And after 4 nights of staying up late hanging out with friends, and 4 mornings of getting up early with never-sleeps-in-a-day-of-his-life Jack, I'm a tad exhausted. Too tired, in fact, to try to think up something clever to say tonight. Plus, our guests this past weekend have an awesome camera so I'm waiting until the photographer posts pictures so you can all have a top-notch visual experience, in addition to my rhetorical analysis of the events.

In the meantime, you may want to entertain yourself by checking out the webpage I created in my 8th grade computer class. This is how I channeled my html genius before Facebook and Blogger were on the scene. Actually, I had pretty much forgotten about this totally awesome site, until I got an email this week informing me that GeoCities is closing! So hurry, because after October 26 my labor of love will no longer be available!

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