Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun with the cousins!

I have 2 cousins. Both on my Dad's side. That's zero on my Mom's side. We grew up living over two hours apart and only seeing each other a few times a year. Plus they were both boys, and a few years older than me. So I don't really know what it's like to grow up in a big family, with oodles of kids clamoring around Grandma's house for the holidays. I wish I did. But I'm glad that Jack will get to have the experiences that I didn't. He's currently grandchild #7 in Jon's family, and although he's my parents first grandchild, we're expecting many more to follow over the next few years. It's going to be fun watching this band of kiddos grow up together!
This is the third summer that Jon's sister and brother-in-law and their 4 boys have come to visit for a week or so. It is also the last year they'll get to spend their summer vacation with us at the beach so I'm glad Jack got to be a part of it. He was pretty happy about it too. He was so in awe of his bigger buddies, he couldn't stop smiling the whole week!
Besides working on his tan, going on his first hike, wrestling with the boys, and showing off his Jumpster moves, Jack also got accidentally "dropped" into the deck door and managed to convince one of the twins to give him a taste of Goldfish crackers. He's a smooth one!

I know I have like 50 pictures of Jack on the beach doing this same pose, but it's just too cute not to keep capturing!

We all know how much I like to put hats on my son, at least I'm over the hoodie stage ...

This was the cousins' favorite game - lay under Jack in the Jumpster and see if he'll jump on your face.

Watching cartoons with the big guys ...

Ice cream night a.k.a. Uncle Jonny and Aunt Janine keeping the kiddos entertained so Mom and Dad can go out on a hot date.

Sharing toys with Nonnie's boys ...

Jack's first hike, we're practicing for our big camping trip this summer!

And finally, this picture make me laugh! We'd been hiking for so long that Jack didn't realize he could put his arms down.

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