Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Guess where we just spent the past 7 days?

I've got lots to talk about from our trip to the Wild Wild West - Jack's first flying experience, Jack's first sharing experience, Jack's first hugging strange children experience (hmm notice a theme?), Vegas on the fly, the Hoover Dam, teetering on the edge of the Grand Canyon, desert rain, co-sleeping, delicious meals, dealing with time zones, and all these great natural childbirth books I've been reading! But unfortunately I have no time for that right now. A list of people to call back and a bulging email inbox have me chained to the non-fun part of my computer. And that silly little 1 hour glucose test I had today didn't help. And the lecture from my Nurse about declining the flu-shot and my exuberant weight gain also have not made this day any easier. Oh, and the fact that I must have incredibly small veins from which to draw blood. Or these two ridiculous Navy girls who kept giggling over who would request a pregnancy test from cutey lab tech first. Thanks to the fact that I had to sit and wait for an hour after drinking flat Sprite, I got to hear their whole conversation. Really? What are the odds that two, active duty girls think they may be pregnant in the middle of a work day? Not nearly as great as the odds that two silly little girls are trying to get out of work on a Friday afternoon. In case you're wondering, both tests were negative.

I just wanted to let the cyber-world know that we're all okay, Baby #2 did not arrive early and we are not out of town. So if there are any creepos out there that read my blog and were thinking about robbing my house ... we're home, including my big, strong husband, who owns a gun and who taught me how to lock and load that gun before he left on his last business trip. And just in case you think I'm too sweet and innocent to actually use it, I should probably let you know that when it comes to protecting my sons, I have no conscience. In fact, if someone tried to hurt either one of my kids, shooting them would be the nicest thing I could do. This may be an appropriate place to add that I like to watch "24" ...

Phew, I think I'm done unloading my preggo wrath. You would be a little tense too if you had the pleasure of 12 hours of traveling with an extremely active 15 month old. I promise, the next post will be full of fun stories and great pictures!

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Jennifer said...

aw, there's my fiery little J9! i'm glad adulthood hasn't changed you.

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