Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let me see that baby bump!

26 weeks today and I officially "feel" pregnant. I get leg cramps when I wear heels, it's getting harder and harder to pick Jack's toys up off the floor, not to mention Jack himself! In the time it took us to replace the batteries in our scale, I've gone up 3 pounds! (Blame it on the holidays!) And I've already grown out of a few pairs of maternity pants. Not to mention that Baby continues to make Mommy sick. It seems to have something to do with breakfast, I have to eat first thing in the morning and I have to eat carbs (apparently fruit smoothies are not pregnancy friendly). Otherwise I'm barfing by 9am. Not cool. Especially when you're dining out to breakfast with your boss and co-worker. Really not cool.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that my belly button announces my arrival into a room .5 seconds before the rest of me, not one stranger has mentioned my pregnancy. I did have one lady look me over a few times, as if trying to figure out what was going on ... but that's it. Apparently I don't look as pregnant as I feel.

Which leads me to wonder ... when it is appropriate to show off the baby bump? I was watching "Top Chef" the other week (don't ask me why I watch that show, I'm not a good cook, especially not that kind of cooking!) and during the final episode Padma (the host) walked out wearing THE TIGHTEST dress with THE SLIGHTEST bump. So slight, in fact, that the editors had to splice in comments from the other chefs mentioning her pregnancy. Otherwise, no one would have known. It was cute and annoying all at the same time. And now I'm afraid that I am cute and annoying all at the same time...

First of all, it's great to be a woman in the age where pregnancy is hip and trendy, and maternity clothes are designed to make you look good, instead of like you're hiding under a tablecloth. I'm so glad I don't have to keep hiking my waistline up like Scarlett O'Hara or spend months on end inside during my "confinement." I mean, we all know I think pregnancy is just glorious! (I mentioned to my husband the other day that I'd like to become a surrogate if he decides he only wants three kids, he wans't too thrilled with that plan.) But it seems like I'm stuck between "hide the bump so people don't have to guess" and "show it off for the world to see!" And it certainly doesn't help that it's winter, and all the extra clothing just makes me look thick. As a sidenote, why did I bother to buy maternity sweaters? They were useful in chilly PA, but there's no point in wearing them inside where I am constantly overheated! Ah, the dilemmas of pregnancy fashion! Thankfully, it shouldn't be long before I have no choice regarding the bumpness and baby makes himself a little more obvious! Until then I will continue to scan every woman in the grocery store, wondering if she too is experiencing this same conundrum.

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