Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Best of Both Worlds

I LOVE snow! And I love the beach. So when we woke up on Saturday to a white winter wonderland, I thought I was getting the best of both worlds. Ehhh, not so much. The beach isn't that great during a blizzard. I tried to get a picture to show ya'll what snow on the beach looks like, but after trekking through snow drifts up to my knees, getting blasted by ice in the face, and having to walk down the beack ramp backwards so I could breathe ... my camera batteries died right when I tried to snap a picture. I hurried home with wet socks and didn't venture out again until today, which is when I got these pictures. It was still bitter cold and windy by the water, but at least we got our taste of "white sand."
You know what else wasn't quite what I was hoping for? Jack's reaction to playing in the snow. :) Granted, it wasn't the best conditions. By the afternoon is had turned icy. No one likes getting pelted in the face with ice. And it was windy. Jack has a hard enough time remaining upright under normal conditions. Couple his toddler-like sense of balance with an icy windstorm, and top that with a big, bulky snowsuit, and the poor kid could barely move. And when he did move, he fell over. And when he fell over, he couldn't get back up. Sounds like a great time huh? The one part of his body that he could move was his hands, which he constantly shook, flinging his gloves off into the snow. After picking them up and putting them back on his hands 10 times, I decided it was time to go inside. And that was Jack's 10 minutes in the snow - less than half the time it took to get him dressed in the first place.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the view from inside our cozy little nest. Jack kept running to the balcony door, pointing at the snow and saying, "Mee? Mee?" In other words, take me back out there Mom!! And so I spent my Saturday trying to keep an eager, little boy's mind off what was happening outside. We organized closets, switched out some clothes he's grown out of, and built blanket forts!!

Today dawned white and sunny, so we decided to venture forth once more. I got Jack all bundled up again, jammed his mittens on as hard as I could, and sent him out to the deck to help Daddy shovel.

He enjoyed this experience much more than the day before! His only difficulty was standing back up after falling. His little boots didn't have much traction on the icy ground, and he quickly learned it was a lot easier to yell for Mom or Dad than to attempt to stand up on his own. Here is a collection of video clips from Jack's first two days in the snow!

Since snow storms like this only hit the area once every one or two decades, our entire city has pretty much shut down. We have yet to see a snow plow on our road and the storm ended over 24 hours ago. Our neighbors were attempting to clear their driveways with push brooms, and the local kids were sledding down the street on boogie boards. Jon and I had fun reminiscing out about own snow days growing up and we both hope Jack and #2 will get their share of snow days over the years to come!

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Jenn said...

these are some of the funniest videos yet!! i love how he takes the tiniest handful of snow to throw over the balcony.

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