Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Blogiversary!

No, I did not make that word up. It's really used in the blogging world. (Although I will admit to making up the term "engagemeversary.") Anyway, it was February 2008 that we found out we were expecting little Jack, and 2 years and 235 posts later here we are! Sometimes, when I have some time to kill and I'm feeling sentimental I read back over some of our old news and remember those early days of first-time parenthood. Things have really come a long way from the original "Baby Log." Most obvious is that I've become considerably more long-winded!

I've become especially sentimental with this second pregnancy - a mixture of missing the wee little babe that my Tank once was and anticipating a new, sweet little guy. Jon was looking over my shoulder the other day while I was reading an old blog entry and exclaimed, "Look at what a peanut he was!!" They really do grow too fast, if only I had time to record every little memory! But I'm grateful for what we do have, because I can assure you, if I hadn't written it down I would have forgotten A LOT of these stories already.

Anyway, I know I've been slacking in the posting department. This baby has been crushing my lungs and I think the lack of oxygen has been affecting the creative part of my brain. I get lots of little blog ideas, but fail to translate them into a reality. But I think that's the story of my life lately. We just got back from a weekend in Pennsylvania. Definitely our last trip as a family of 3, and probably our last trip while living in Virginia. I WILL NOT miss these 7-8 hour road trips, although I must say Jack has been a super-great traveler lately! He's grown up so much in just this past week, I have lots of new pictures and stories to share! Plus, an upcoming update on #2 at 32 weeks!!! And possibly some exciting news on my new blogging headquarters starting this summer. :)

So stay tuned, forgive my lack of energy, and pray that my hips continue to support me long enough to blog about it all!

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