Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of Us

Jack seems to be enjoying the whole growing up process, so much so that he's beginning to think he's one of us. He's been "copying" Mommy and Daddy a lot lately, and it's been very funny to watch. For instance, while flying the other week, he decided he wanted to wear Mommy's headphones too. So we each took an earbud and listened to my iPod together. Then there are the not so funny moments, like when I caught him trying to walk up the stairs on two feet, rather than all fours. Not only could he barely get his leg up to the next step, but watching him teeter on the edge for a moment almost gave me a heart attack. But the other moments, the ones where Jack's life wasn't in danger, I was able to capture on camera...

At least once a day, he likes to carry around my camera case and stow his toys in it.

He prefers my water bottle to any of his 10 or so sippy cups. In fact, he's been known to steal it right out of my mouth. One of his favorite "games" is to sit on my lap, facing me, and alternate taking swigs from the water bottle. He hardly gives me a chance to get a sip before he's pulling it back and slobbering all over the top again.

Everytime Jon or I get the broom and dust pan out, Jack jumps in to "help." He likes to hold the dust pan for us, although he moves it around so much we end up re-sweeping as soon as he leaves the room.

He likes to put on Daddy's sweatband and run around the house.

And his very favorite thing, is to go to the key drawer, pull out Daddy's collection of dog tag chains, and wear them around his neck. He just randomly started doing it one day, and hasn't stopped. Jon and I were both like "How does he know how to do that?!"

And just this past weekend, to culminate all this growing-upness, Daddy decided it was high-time Jack had his own chair in the living room. So Monday morning I came downstairs to this scene:

It's so easy to forget that he's growing up, that he's not a little baby just soaking it all in anymore. He's learning and doing. And just because he can't say much, doesn't mean he's not understanding. If I say, "Wanna take a bath?" or "Let's go upstairs!" he immediately runs to the stairs and starts shaking the gate. If I say, "Jack, want a snack?" he goes to the snack cupboard and pulls on the door. When I open it, he always points to the raisins. And when I pull something out, he then runs to the small side table and slaps his hand down where I always put his snack.

So I think he's pulling my leg when he acts like he doesn't understand simple commands like "no" and "don't hit." Or, when Mommy needs to take Jack aside for a little "talk" when he's misbehaving, and he acts like he suddenly can't hear and that the door handle is much more interesting than what Mommy has to say. Hmmm, yeah Jack, we know you're smarter than that!

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