Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jack's Second Haircut - Mommy Approved

I am exhausted, my back is aching (I'm assuming this is compliments of my big baby and not my little one) and my hips are about as secure as the tree next to our house during a windstorm. Since I have nothing interesting or witty to say, and I'd like to refrain from whining for an entire post, I think I'll just stick to mainly pictures.
If you haven't noticed, Jack's hair has been getting a little long again. I rather like longer hair, but it was looking kinda straggly in the back and was hanging in his eyes in the front. So I conceded and followed Jon and Jack to the barber for his second hair cut. And this time I had the camera.
As you can see, Jack takes his grooming VERY seriously.
Try as we may, we couldn't get him to crack a smile.
At least he sat very still. My favorite part of the event, the part that I failed to capture on camera, was when the barber held a mirror up to Jack his final approval. Yup, looks good!

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