Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Babysitter

Jack's bag for his first independent overnight trip is mostly packed, I have a list ready of last minute items to add, and our family that is planning to watch him are waiting by the phone, ready to deploy at a moment's notice.  And just in case that doesn't work, we have about 6 back-up sitters willing to fill-in.  I typed up two-pages of notes on Jack's routine, food he likes and doesn't like, and some other information to help with the transition.  And that's where my wise husband cut me off.  So I'll pick up here where I left off there.  Because there are a few of those little Jack things that only Mommy's care about, and just in case you end up watching my son some day, you might want to know about them too:
Dear Babysitter,

Thanks for volunteering to take care of our lil' Tank while his Dad and I are having a baby. We know this is no small task. Here are a few notes to help get you through...

Jack loves to brush his own teeth. We usually do this together in the mornings, which is why he may start humming while brushing. He wants his toothbrush to sound just like Mommy's electric one.

He needs two binkies to fall asleep. One to suck on and the other to twirl in his hand while he unwinds.  He's also not allowed to bring these out of the crib, ergo expect a ceremonially throwing of binkies, one at a time, when he gets up from his nap.

If you're reading I Love You Through and Through he'll probably open his mouth and stick out his tongue when you get to the page that says, "I love your inside ... and your outside." I taught him that one!
If you're reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, he turns the pages so fast you'll probably only have time to say the color and name of the animal.

And if you're reading The Belly Button Book he'll probably make sure you're aware that he, too, has a bee-bo.
He gets very excited about turning on the TV, but will probably only watch about 5 minutes. Unless it's Jack's Big Music Show. It's a personal favorite.

He likes to jump down the stairs. Usually while holding your hand, although he's been known to attempt this unassisted ... with undesirable consequences.

He almost always poops before 10am. If he doesn't poop in the morning, chances are he'll wake up early from his nap with a stinky surprise.

The longer you ignore him, the higher his voice gets.

He tends to take his shoes off as soon as he gets in the car.

He has an affinity for toilet plungers, trash cans and toiletries you thought were hidden in drawers and cupboards.

If he stands up in bed, he's ready to get out. If he cries while he's still laying down, he almost always falls back to sleep. He usually does this around 6/6:30am.

He's afraid of vacuum cleaners.

He refuses to talk on the phone.

He thinks it's funny to fake sneeze.

Although most animals are referred to as "dog" (aka gog or gah), he generally calls a cow "boo" *insert flying spit*.

He's been known to hide objects in the couch cushions and air vents.

If you notice his hands down by his side when he's eating ... he's probably hiding food.

He'll probably wave "bye-bye" when it's time for bed or a nap.  Don't take it personally, he's just a kid that appreciates his quiet time.
Most traumatic situations are easily remedied with a hug and some cherry tomatoes.
Thanks again,
Jack's Mom


Jennifer said...

aww what a good mom you are! and such a faithful pregnant blogger!

Deborah said...

Aw...ok so this made me tear up a little. It makes me remember how I felt leaving John to go have's so hard to leave the 1st born to go have baby number 2! I was so heart broken, and worried about leaving my little guy, and although it's true that no one will take care of your little guy like you do, he will make it through those couple of days with no damage done. At least mine did:) Honestly think it's harder on us!

megan douglass said...

amazing! i knew it would be! i love, love, love this one and it should be in his baby book. so cute!

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