Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still here, still pregnant

Just in case you were wondering.
My apologies to the 5 of you who were expecting him to arrive yesterday. I mean, we're not surprised right? I've only been saying for the past 9 months that I'm fairly certain this baby will show up later than expected. But still. The waiting can definitely take its toll. Every weekend I wear myself out cleaning the house and stocking the cupboards in case Baby decides to make an appearance. And every week I watch it get all messy again and my freezer stash shrink because I've been lacking the motivation to cook. Isn't that a form of torture in Greek Mythology?

Some days are better than others. I had my first majorly sleepless night on Friday and ended up spending the rest of the night on the couch. Earlier this week I was nearly worn out with contractions. And then suddenly, on Thursday, I got a second wind (or rather a third or fourth wind at this point). I'm so anxious to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING. To fill my calendar that went blank after April 14. So I indulged in some retail therapy and bought the boys more clothes this past week than I have all year. And I got myself a few things for the post-partum wardrobe as well. Oh, and did I mention we bought a new refrigerator and spontaneously decided to get #2 his own crib off of Craigslist. The shopping has been fun, and I have to admit, I get a funny sort of kick out of the look on peoples' faces when they ask when the baby's due. "Oh, four days ago." I don't know why I find it so fun, but I'm easily humored these days.

Fortunately, this weekend was not without its celebration of babies! My friend, who happened to be due two weeks after me, had her son on Saturday. I'm firmly convinced it's because her husband has been hoping and wishing for it. My man, on the other hand, is still searching for the motivation to finish his three final papers of the semester. I have a feeling he'll be typing those with one hand while rocking a newborn to sleep with the other. I also went to a baby shower for my friend Janine, mother of Jack's friend Abbie, on Saturday. Not only is it absolutely delightful to croon over all the new baby clothes and blankets, but there was a 6 pound, two week old little girl there with scrunched up legs, making little grunts that only the newest ones do. *sigh* I'm so ready to have that all over again!

I also had my weekly doctor's visit, which I purposely scheduled as late as possible the week of my due date. I just knew what she was going to say. So there I was, the only person in the office as the last appointment on Friday afternoon. And the first thing she says is, "Do you want to schedule an induction?" I was totally prepared for that and quickly said "no" but now it's starting to bug me. After only two days, why on earth would I want to force my baby out now? And that's assuming my due date is precisely correct. And we all know it's not, right? Right? That's what we're telling ourselves these days.

So, no induction for me just yet. I have a non-stress test scheduled for next Thursday to make sure Baby is tolerating his "extended stay" well and that my aging placenta is still functioning properly. If he's not here by then I'll have to schedule an induction for 5-6 days later because "the schedule gets booked up." Honestly, I'm not afraid that Baby's not going to show up. I mean, he will be born eventually. I'm from the school of thought that babies come when they're ready, and bodies go into labor when they're ready (although I did start wondering last night if maybe my body doesn't know how to go into labor, it's certainly been practicing the whole contraction thing for a while now!). It's just a tad stressful when you feel that the pressure is on. It's wearing on my nerves. I just keep telling myself that #2 is going to arrive at the perfect time, because that is exactly what we've been praying for. Then again, if you were him and heard all that goes on right outside your nice, comfy little womb (i.e. "Jack, do not stab your Mommy's leg with the scissors!!" or "No, you are not allowed to hang out the window!"),  ... you might delay your entrance too.

Fortunately, nerves are easily cured by quick trips to the beach, watching Jack point out the doggies, hearing him giggle as he dips his toes in the COLD water, and having little old ladies tell me how great I look and that I'm going to love being a mama to two boys so close in age. And I have to agree. It's going to be fantastic! And just because of that I'm willing to wait it out a little bit longer!


Jennifer said...

you are the best! i'm so excited for you. every day i think it might be the day!! but in the meantime, you look amazing in that swim suit :-)

Charity said...

You look fantastic in that bathing suit! Holy Moly! What a role model! (model being the key word here).

Heard you had the baby this morning! Congrats on the little man's entrance!!! Can't wait for a blog update. We expect it this afternoon ;)


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