Friday, April 16, 2010

Jack, Where's the Baby?

Jack appears to have no idea what's coming in a few days. He likes to look at pictures of babies, and he always gives the doll Nonnie gave him a good snuggle while holding it ... and then will stuff it in some interesting location i.e. the training potty. But I don't think he realizes he's going to have his own, real life baby in the house soon. And that this baby is going to take away a lot of Mommy's attention. Considering how rude he is to the laptop when he thinks I'm spending too much time on it, Lil' Bro is going to need to toughen up real fast!
When you ask Jack about the Baby he'll sometimes point to his own round little belly. But usually, when you say, "Jack, where's the baby?" he gives Mommy's belly a tiny little poke ...
... and then winds up for a few good whacks.
Yes, the Baby hasn't even arrived and he's already not allowed to be alone in the same room with Jack.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

sorry, little mama, but that second picture made me laugh. :)

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