Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Second Trimester, You're Late!

Well, we're 14 weeks along. That's officially second trimester territory! According to Baby Center my energy should be returning and my queasiness should be behind me.  Yes please!!

Speaking of queasiness, I may have jumped the gun on my last update about not being sick anymore. Last week, I threw up in the middle of my committee meeting for work, which I telecommute in to. Yup, I'm diligently typing up minutes and reporting on my numbers when *bam* I suddenly have to vomit. Good thing my phone has mute. Fortunately, I don't think anyone noticed my absence. There just may be a large gap in the minutes. This could go down as "most embarassing pregnancy sickness" moment in my personal history. Right up there with the "throwing up into grocery bag while driving" incident I experienced with Jude.

I thought that would be my last episode but no, Sunday found me yet again barfing up breakfast.  It was a not-so-good day, in which I started counting down the hours 'til second trimester, and praying that this sickness and exhaustion would end soon!  A few hours later, at midnight, I was holding a sick little Jude who had just thrown up for the fourth time that night.  And I found myself repeating that phrase that all mamas do at some point: "If only I was sick instead of him."  Funny how God answers our prayers sometimes...

14 weeks.  Baby is the size of a lemon ... nice touch, huh?

Moving on from barf stories ... I'm really looking forward to getting my appetite back soon.  And by appetite I mean healthy eating habits.  It's been a bit different this time around in that I not only have no cravings, but nothing sounds appealing.  Ever.  Well, except chocolate milkshakes but I think I crave those all the time.  It's not only that nothing sounds good but that so many things sound downright bad.  Even Chipotle, my go-to restaurant all through my last pregnancy, kinda makes me cringe.  So grocery shopping has been quite a drag lately.  And not just shopping, the whole menu planning and list-making part too.  Actually, that is precisely what I was doing on Sunday, scanning the local grocery store's circular, when I suddenly had to run to the bathroom to hurl.  While it's easy to blame such sentiments on the baby, my recent aversion to food shopping may also have to do with the movie Food, Inc., which I just watched recently.  It really is a great movie, just be ready to think twice about what you eat and where you get it.  Also, Michael Pollan is in it, author of In Defense of Food which I mention here.  So not only is he a great writer and smart foodie, but he also has a really lovely voice.  I digress.

Ah yes, the groceries.  My poor little family.  I have zero inspiration for dinner, and typically zero energy to create anything by that time of day, not to mention we're trying to clean out the pantry before we move, so my men have been enduring my items-that-momentarily-sound-good-to-a-pregnant-woman-thrown-together-at the-last-minute meals for a while now.  And the items that I do have on hand are a bit random, because I only buy what I can stomach at the time.  For instance, the other day I was roaming the aisles of the grocery store with my neat little shopping list.  The further I walked, the more nauseas I became.  I found myself crossings things off the list just because I didn't want to step within two feet of them.  And picking up random things that sounded good at the time, i.e. brussel sprouts.  They actually still sound good.  But something tells me that meal would be the ultimate fail when set in front of a picky 2 and 1 year old with 4 tooth-halves and a mouthful of swollen gums. 

But I suppose this post should really be about the baby.  And unfortunately, I have nothing new to report.  I did, finally, have my first doctor's appointment a few weeks ago.  I sat in the lobby for an hour waiting, then I got called back to the examination room and waited another 20 minutes.  When the doctor showed up she checked my ears, nose and throat.  Then she tried to check the baby's heartbeat but it was still too early to hear with a doppler.  So she told me to come back for a lab test in a two weeks (I couldn't get in until three weeks later) and then come back for another appointment two weeks after that. 

I was pretty miffed.  I drive 45 minutes one way to get to the clinic and wait over an hour to have a 2-minute "physical", only to be told I need to come back again in two weeks?!  Oh no you didn't!  Meanwhile my poor husband is on kid-duty for the entire morning.  I decided it was time to go ahead and switch to a new doctor up in our future location.  Sure it means an hour drive each way but even if they make me wait 30 minutes to see the doctor I'm still saving time!  So I submitted the paperwork and within three days was assigned to a new physician in Annapolis.  I have to go in next week for a pregnancy test so I can get a referral to an OB, but at least it will be a civilian OB!  So it appears that I can officially toss the small stack of military medical paperwork that's been piling up on my desk.  Imagine, I might actually know my doctor's name this time!!

So we don't need a doctor to tell us baby is okay right now.  My continued morning nauseasness, evening exhaustion and in-between just plain blah-ness are keeping me apprised of that just fine.  And doctors have it all wrong anyway because this does not feel like second trimester to me!  We're gonna shoot for Monday now.  Hormones you have three days to get this craziness out of your system and then I'm in full-on spring mode!

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