Friday, April 22, 2011

Measure Up

Well I wasn't going to do another pregnancy post so soon, but while reminiscing through my blog earlier this week I rememebered that I compared belly shots at 16 weeks with both boys, and figured I couldn't leave my third offspring out.  I even donned the same faithful sweatpants that have stuck out multpile semesters and finals weeks, three months abroad, several years of lazy Saturdays and now a third pregnancy.  Let's just say, they don't fit like they used to.  So here it is, a 16 week comparison shot (from left to right - Jack, Jude, #3):


Can I just say that Jon and I have really been missing Viginia Beach this week, and the fact that my latest belly shot wasn't taken in our old master bedroom, right between the door and closet, makes me even more sad?  Shake it off Janine.

Anyway, hopefully the background don't throw off the scaling.  I keep going back and forth, but overall think I look slightly bigger, or maybe "more pronounced" would be a better description.  Two days ago I thought I wasn't showing at all, then I look at this picture and think I'm "huge", and then I leave my house and a lady today said she would have never guesssed I was pregnant because I'm so small.  I just don't know anymore!!

Anyway, if you want real data.  I'm measuring bigger around at this point than I was with Jude (I didn't start measuring with Jack 'til 21 weeks).  In fact, I'm measuring the same size that I did with Jude at 19 weeks.  But on the flipside, I've gained less weight.  But who knows, I could've just eaten a lot of Chipotle right before I measured.  I can't even remember.  So all this to say ... nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  But it sure is fun wonder!

Anyway, no more baby news.  I don't get to meet my new OB for another two weeks.  So still haven't got to hear the heartbeat, not feeling any movement yet, and I'm practically forgetting I'm pregnant until I try to tie Jack's shoes and it feels like I'm bending over a football.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but close.  We've got a full weekend ahead of us celebrating with our little birthday boy, who is cutting another tooth and pretty much displaying all symptoms of teething known to man - clingy, not sleeping well, drooling, gnawing on my sholder, snotty, nasty diapers, even nastier rash, etc, - at one time. 

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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