Friday, May 20, 2011

Mama needs a time out

Would someone please tell me why my children seem to act out in crazy ways a few days before a Pennsylvania trip? I think it's because they know what's coming (even though I purposely did not mention anything to Jack this time around) and are hoping that if they drive me batty enough, I may decide to leave earlier. Whatever it is, this week was no exception.

This is not a puzzle, it is a drum.
And the rain, oh the rain. I love spring rainstorms but this is getting a little out of hand. I mean, whatever happened to April showers, or did Mother Nature miss the May memo 20 days ago?  My garden pots are flooded and my husband has been mowing the lawn like a mad man just to keep up with the grass.  And my boys, well they are just plain sick of being cooped up indoors.  We're back to puzzle-mania around here.  Thank heavens I found a stash of our favorite wooden jigsaw puzzles at Big Lots earlier this week, because we were all getting a little tired of the same old, same old.  Of course, Jack's already mastered them all in just a few days time.


He likes to give himself a little applause when he gets a piece right ... all 24 of them. 


Jude's really into puzzles lately too ... dumping them.  His favorite activity is crawling up to the shelf, pulling himself up onto his knees, pulling each puzzle off, and flinging them onto the ground  Then he smiles and bobs up and down like he's just accomplished something huge.  Yes, Jude is totally in the "destructive phase."  He cleans out my cupboards, dumps baskets of toys, swipes books off the shelf ... and Jack's really impressed.  So impressed he's been doing the same.  I caught him the other day just picking up toys and throwing them all into a pile in the corner of the playroom - trains, puzzles, trucks, play food, the work bench.  Just tossing them, WWF style, onto a pile.  And then he gets busted and I go into my little schpiel about not being too rough with our toys ... or our brothers.  And then he's off again to find something else to destroy.  Like Wednesday, when he literally ripped a painting off the wall.  Tore the nail right out.  Picture lying on the couch, gaping hole in the wall.  Daddy was not happy. 


Speaking of the main squeeze, he spends most of his day at the computer typing up his final thesis.  It must be nice to be able to do work in an office, with a door, that locks.  Some of us have to type emails while sitting in a toddler-sized folding chair, lifeguarding over Littles throwing toys in the playroom.  I digress.  Anyway, he's got a little over a month to wrap this 100-something pager up and finish his Master's program.  But since there's a move right smack in the middle of this endeavour, well I'm just a touch nervous.  So the Mini Distractions and I are headed to Pennsylvania.  Even the thought of a 4.5 hour drive by myself with the boys can't curb my enthusiasm.  I need a break.  The grandparents need some grandboy time.  And Jon needs some peace and quiet.  Ahh I feel better just thinking about it!

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