Monday, August 8, 2011

Deja Vu

Blogging has been put on the backburner recently so I can pour all my free minutes into crafting some baby bedding.  Projects are like books to me, once I start I can't stop until it's done.  Which is why I've been staying up too late bent over the sewing machine (or the seam ripper, unfortunately).  Maybe it's nesting, maybe it's the fact that we finally have a small stretch of uneventful days, but I'm feeling the urge to get baby's room started. 

But just so you're not left without your regular J & J fix, I snapped this shot today:

Jude, 15 months.

Which reminded me of this picture my friend Jenn took over 2 years ago:

Jack, 9 months.

What a cute pair of boys!  I totally see the resemblance, but I do not see twins.  Which is what yet another person asked me last weekend.  I think that's the fourth time I've been asked that and it still takes me completely by surprise.  I mean, we're talking a 15ish pound difference here!!

Speaking of poundage, Jack actually weighs more in the picture above (at 9 months) than Jude does in his picture (at 15 months)!  As cutie as they both happen to be, these boys are just so different!  I took them both to the doctor's office last week to get a referral for an opthamologist appointment.  Jude is somwhere in the 25th-50th percentile (thankfully up from the 10th percentile he was in a little bit ago!!) but the important part - his noggin - is a healthy 95th percentile.  Jack, who I thought was thinning out, actually just got taller. At 38 pounds his weight and height are now both 95th percentile.  He continues to be our big boy... and his little brother continues to be a great balance.  Can't wait to see where their sister is going to fit in!

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JSS said...

Aw, love the flashback pic! You have cute kids in your brood.

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