Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby .78

Our little girl. It still hasn't quite hit me yet. And maybe that's a good thing because there is definitely a chance that our Miss could be a Mister. I love this stage of pregnancy. I'm so aware of her and her little life fluttering around in my belly. I think about her more and more and imagine what it will be like to meet her. But we're also in home stretch territory now. This is the third trimester and I'm fully aware of that too. Both my boys were due in the middle of the month, so I was fairly certain I knew what month they'd be arriving. But this one, this one is due October 5. Which means she might be born in September. Which just so happens to be next month. And we're not ready, not even close. I'm still trying to find places to store my jeans, the dish towels, photo albums, etc. Where are we going to put a baby?! But don't take it personally Little One.

30 weeks, 5 days ... to be exact

So when I last wrote a baby bump update, we were celebrating the "showing" milestone... and the fact that a stranger actually noticed I was pregnant.  Well the past two weeks have been a bit of a reversal.  We went to a church membership meeting last weekend and all I heard was "you're so tiny," "Seven months?  I would have guessed you were just a few weeks!" "You're pregnant?"  *insert pouty/pursed lips and slanted eyes*  All I want is to look really, genuinely with-child these days.  Pregnant like I mean it.  Instead I am realizing just how quickly I am losing time to prove to the world that I am indeed carrying a baby.  Here, put your hand on my stomach for a second and you'll know what I mean!  Or, let's exchange bladders for a few minutes and I'll prove to you there is a healthy-sized elbow pressing on that organ.  Or, can you not see my belly button entering the room a half second before the rest of me?

But the truth is, I am carrying small again.  And obviously it does bother me a bit.  All three of my pregnancies started out the same, and then around 26 weeks things leveled off with Jude or they escalated at epic proportions with Jack...  This pregnancy is reminding me very much of Jude's, so I have a feeling we can expect another 7 pounder.  At 31 weeks my weight is the same as it was at this point in my last pregnancy.  In fact, I haven't gained more than a pound in two weeks, but it's not for lack of trying!!  On the other hand, this baby's older brothers keep me more than active, I just hope she gets a chance to grab some calories before I spend them chasing down the other two.

Driving cars over Mommy's belly.

Back to baby.  I haven't had a midwife appointment in a few weeks, but when I did she was sitting breech, totally normal at this stage.  But I think things have changed since then.  Now that I'm on my third kid I'm getting a little better at interpreting humps, bumps, kicks and punches.  I'm guessing she's more head down now, maybe slightly diagonal, but I could be wrong.  There is definitely something substantial under my right ribcage, which makes me sit a little crooked, and a lot of activity in my upper right side and lower left side.  Sister likes to make her presence known.  And her brothers are starting to catch on.  Jack says things like "Sister in mommy's belly" and tries to give my belly a drink of his water.  Jude likes to push and pull on my belly button.  And both boys have found that my bump makes an excellent hill for toy cars.  Hmm, I'm afraid they won't find a newborn nearly as much fun.


And I'm enjoying the bump as well ... except when it keeps me up at night.  I did finally cave and pull out The Nest a few weeks ago.  Ah life is good again, sleep is sweet.  It's just a little hard to get out of bed in the morning, at least gracefully, but the full-night's sleep and fewer leg cramps are well worth the additional effort.  And despite what hubby says, I know he enjoys The Nest too.  I've found him cuddling up to the side more than once when I wake up for a potty break.  :)

But The Nest is not to be confused with nesting because that I haven't done.  I did mention I started on Baby's bedding, but I haven't done a thing in over a week.  I also haven't got out any clothes or baby things yet ... I mean, I just got that stuff put away after the move!  We have plenty of time ... and more if she ends up being late like I imagine she will.  But it's not that I'm not excited and anticipating her arrival.  Oh, I am.  I'm just willing to draw things out as long as possible.  Pregnancy truly brings out my patient side!


I did read and finish Birth Matters this week.  It's very good.  I was underlining like crazy in my Kindle.  But I should say that although I agree with a lot of what Ina May Gaskin says, and I love a lot of her natural birth philosophy, we approach that philosophy from very different perspectives.  And no, I have no plans of ditching my present life to go live on The Farm for a few weeks and birth a baby in a cottage.  There are a number of different ways to approach natural childbirth.  I just don't want anyone to read the book and think Is this how Janine really feels?!  No, I didn't need to go back in my psyche and clear out any emotional blockages preventing my labor from progressing.  And no, I didn't need to "let my monkey do it" in order to have a great delivery.  And no, I don't repeat mantras to myself during contractions.  Those things are all fine and work for many people.  I just don't want others to think I'm something I'm not.  My births were exactly like I say in my Birth Stories.  But if I do find myself tapping into my "inner monkey" this time around, I will certainly let you know!

And speaking of inner monkeys, there's a little monkey inside my belly begging for some ice cream, and I dare not refuse!

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