Friday, September 9, 2011

35 weeks on repeat

Well apparently I enjoyed my 35th week of pregnancy so much, we decided to repeat it.  At my last appointment I had a lengthy discussion with the midwife about my dates and, after an even longer time trying to decipher my military clinic ultrasound records, it was finally determined that Baby is due October 11, not October 5.  With the new date I'm now measuring right on (instead of the two weeks behind I was at my previous appointment).  And so, while I'm confident the new date is more accurate (which is important if you want to deliver at the birthing center), I'm not so thrilled that we're now encroaching on Jack's birthday territory.  In fact, I'm willing to carry this baby an additional week, if it means giving the kiddos a few extra days between celebrations.  Ugh, two babies born within the same week is so not my modus operandi.

35 weeks, the first time

And neither is this whole changing dates thing when you're down to the last month.  I've got myself utterly confused now.  I have to think extra hard when someone asks when the baby is due.  And I can't do that reverse psychology tell-yourself-you'll-have-the-baby-late-so-you're-not-disappointed deal because there's a very good chance this time around that labor could start "on time."  To make matters worse, there's a family wedding on October 9 in LBI and the entire clan is renting a beach house for the weekend.  Since that's the "baby could come any minute" time zone, chances are we're going to be missing out.  And the whole idea makes me a bit grumpy.

35 weeks, the second time.

But the Little Miss remains unphased.  She's happy and healthy and pushing her way around in there just the same.  And other than a little swelling in my left ankle and the occasional sharp, shooting pain on my left pelvis, I don't feel too bad either.  I'm just really running out of space in my middle.  Helping Jack in and out of his underwear 20 times a day has lost its luster.  And I about drowned Jude in the bath whilst trying to rinse his hair out.  I just can't get a good angle over the edge of the tub anymore.  My husband gives me a hard time about the ice cubes that fall on the floor and never get picked up.  What can I say?  It's ten times easier to wait until they melt, throw a towel on the floor, and swish it around with my foot than it is to actually bend over and pick them up.  Maybe we really do need a dog ...

This little guy is reallly going to miss his "seat" in a few weeks.

But despite all the weird pokes and little inconveniences, I truly love this stage of pregnancy.  I'm obviously with child, no one has to guess any more.  I feel her little life within me every hour of the day.  And I am consantly reminded of the miracle - the gift - of life.  It's an honor to carry a child, so why not throw in an extra week while we're at it?


Just a little note about 35 weeks for those of you who are interested.  This is when I start my little herbal regimen - 5-W.  This was recommended to me by our first midwife in Virginia Beach and even though my current midwives haven't heard of it before, all the herbs it includes - Black cohosh root, squaw vine herb, dong quai root, butcher's broom root and red rasberry leaves - are recommended by them during the last weeks of your pregnancy.  And they gave me the go-ahead to use it again this time.  5-W stands for 5 weeks, because you take it the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy.  It supposedly supports the reproductive system, tones your uterus and helps prep your body for labor.  This article explains some of the benefits of 5-W.  Some people claim to have shorter, timely labors because of this supplement but both my previous labors were 23 hours and 12 hours long, and I had one baby a week early and one a week late, so I can't attest to this myself.  Also, I've never gone through a pregnancy without 5-W, so I honestly can't say it if makes a big difference or not.  I do know that I've had two great deliveries, two great pushing experiences and two great recoveries.  I've also had several friends who have taken it with similar results.  Maybe it was the 5-W ... maybe not.  But it might be worth a shot if you're at the end of your pregnancy!  The product is manufactured by Nature's Sunshine, but like most items, I've found it to be cheaper through Amazon.  And that is my 35 weeks two cents!


JSS said...

I like how in the second 35 week photo, it's an entirely new season. :)

J9 said...

Yeah, too bad my apparel isn't jiving with the background decor. ;)

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