Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jude's Moves

I started a post days ago and never got around to finishing it.  We've had four different lunch/dinner guests in the past week, so life has been alternating between making food and cleaning the house, with little time left over for crafting and blogging.  And so, to hold you over until the blogging muse reappears, here are some videos of our little music/dancing machine.

This child dances to everything - the radio, his bongo toy, the sewing machine, movie credits:

And this ball popper provides one of his favorite beats:

But he's not limited to just bopping to the music. Oh, no, check out these moves:

Nice coordination Jude.  Is it any wonder he fell down the steps twice this morning?  Or that he continually rams his forehead into the table corner, which just so happens to fall just out of his eye level?  So it's no surprise that all my photos of Jude this week also feature this lovely shiner on his cheek:


He's a mess.  I'm afraid to take him and his black and blue battle wounds out in public.  But seriously, with dance moves like we've been seeing, we can't keep this legend a secret for much longer ...

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