Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little star with the big voice

On Friday, Jack's preschool had its Christmas program.  He had been practicing for weeks.  The 2-year old class was to sing two songs - "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me."  You can guess what we had the pleasure of hearing over and over again in our house.  (Sidenote: We found a cute video of Twinkle, Twinkle on YouTube that Jack now constantly requests.)

I was a little nervous about the upcoming production.  It's no secret that 2 and 3 year olds rarely do what they're supposed to, especially when it's most important.  So I had my doubts.  But all Jack-fears aside, I also had two others to think about.  Since Jon had been traveling all week he couldn't take off work, which left me to fend for myself with Jude and Julia.  I knew Daddy and the grandparents would be wanting to see some pictures and a video.  So I found a seat conveniently located next to another on-her-own mama with twin girls, plopped  Jude down next to me and said a quick prayer that Julia would stay asleep in her carseat and Jude wouldn't decide to throw a fit or try one of his escape tactics. 


Have you ever been to a preschool program?  They're really quite humorous.  A bunch of tiny kids, trying to follow directions but too distracted by the sea of faces before them.  Some tears, when a child or two finds their mommy and realizes they can't get to her.  A few simple songs, always sung off-key (or in no key at all).  And of course some costumes to trip over and cardboard scenery that doesn't function as it should.

And little ones that fail to sing at all because they're too caught up in what's going on behind them (he didn't look towards me once for a good picture!)

But you've never seen such a prouder group of parents.  All it takes is a stage, maybe a few lights and it doesn't matter how well their child sings, or if he even sings at all.  Those little ones are stars!  And we're the ones honored to raise them.

As soon as we saw Jack enter the room Jude and I cheered.  We clapped, we screamed his name, we waved our hands, just so our little star would notice us.  And when it was his turn to sing, I may have cried a little.

Jacks' the second one from the right (in between those two darling girls).  You can't see him too well, but you can certainly hear him.

Okay, so they were totally tears of laughter, but I was a proud mama nonetheless.  Because on Friday, my little guy walked up on stage, faced a crowd of people and belted out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" like we had never heard him do before.  And then he did it again.  Unfortunately, he was supposed to be singing "Jesus Loves Me" at that point.  At least he was putting his whole heart into it!

It's funny, what we deem as successes these days.  Having a 2 month old sleep just long enough that I can video her big brother's performance.  Keeping a 20 month old within a 2 foot radius without disturbing those around us.  Seeing a 3 year old stand in place and fearlessly belt out all the words to a nursery rhyme.  And having all three of them take a nap that afternoon at the same time.  These are my major accomplishments during this phase of my life, and I relish every single one of them!

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