Sunday, April 22, 2012

To my son on his birthday


A little late, but we've had a full birthday weekend.

To my Jude-bug,

Today is your birthday, the day we celebrate your arrival.  Although I acknowledge the significance of ones’ birthday, I want you to know that long before this day, for months and months, I knew you and loved you.  But the moment you were born, that quick second that you drew your first breath – is so very special.  Just like you.

It is spring now.  I don’t know if we’ll live here long enough for you to remember, but this time of year is so beautiful.  The flowers have never looked more vibrant, the birds have never sang more sweetly and the sun’s rays never so welcoming as they have been this week.  Everything about the last few days has testified of new life.  And it all reminded me of this same week two years ago, when I anxiously awaited my own new life – yours.  And just like the world around us, you’ve brought joy, color and warmth to our family ever since the day you arrived.
We named you Jude – praise.  And for your middle name called you after your great-grandpa Edward.  You won’t meet him, at least not on this earth, but I think you have a small idea of what he was like.  Because little things you do remind me of my own Pappy.  The way you walk – that slow yet purposeful step.  Your quietness, that others often mistake for shyness, but which is just a very thoughtful confidence.  And of course your good looks – those gorgeous eyes and smile that smolders just below the surface, which have made many a cashier’s day.

But you are unique too.  And there’s not a doubt in mind that you were created by a unique and sovereign God.  He’s gifted you with a servant’s heart.  My son, you have the keenest way of anticipating a need before it happens.  You’re quick to hand me a spoon as soon as you see me start my morning cup of tea.  You are the first one to retrieve a towel when your sister makes a mess.  And you constantly make sure my phone is never out of arm’s reach.  And you are compassionate, too.  No one in this house cries, coughs or sneezes without your little voice asking, “’K? You ‘k?”  You regularly love-up on your sister and you always sympathize when your brother’s been punished, even if it was because he hurt you.  You have a tender heart that doesn’t like to see others hurting.  And it touches my own heart to see these gifts already working in your life after only 2 years.  I can only imagine what great plans God has in store for you over the years to come. 
I know that they are good.  And I know that you will complete them because it has been my prayer over your life since the moment our eyes first met, and even months before.  Happy birthday little buddy!  May you grow up to be a mighty man of God and fulfill all the plans He has for you.  I’m so grateful for you and the gift of your life.  I’m honored to be your mama.  I love you.

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Teva Beasley said...

I teared up at this one. Sounds like Jude and Simone are similar.

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