Monday, April 9, 2012

The Girl With the Peacock Hair-do

We had a grand time in Pennsylvania celebrating Easter with our family!  We're home now and everyone is suffering from little sleep, lack of routine and no doubt a little too much sugar.  Let's just say bedtime this evening was quite the production.  I finally gave up on the littlest one and now she's having some TV time with her Daddy so I can finish unpacking, laundry, meal planning, work, and a quick blog of course!

So since I really shouldn't be sitting here anyway, just a quick post on a subject near and dear to my heart - my daughter's hair.

Girlfriend is outta control! I gave up trying to use those cutie little headbands because (a) they make her "long" locks go all haywire and (b) they usually end up in her eyes in the time between leaving the house and reaching our destination. Fortunately, he hair is long enough for clips now. But with two toddler brothers, I might as well be snapping a target onto her head that says "Pull here to make baby scream!" 

The good news is, she's starting to lose her flat head. Obviously, her current style is doing nothing for her back view... or her side view. And I just cannot get that peacock piece at the top to lie flat!


Since Jack regularly tries to argue with me that Julia is a boy because she has short hair, and in spite of those that have been asking (namely the men in her life), I will not be cutting it anytime soon. I want a girl with long hair and I refuse to give up until we get there. All my kids have had unique hair experiences, Jack was known for his Kate Gosselin 'do and we're still strugglin' with Jude's double cow-lick with two counter-clockwise rotating spirals.  It's just another thing to keep them unique.  We're still holding out for some curls though, but in the meantime we'll just straight up enjoy that one, big wave.

Well, it sounds like Daddy/Daughter bonding time is over.  Which means it's my turn to entertain the prettiest excuse not to do laundry!

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