Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Spot

A significant event ocurred over vacation.  Did you catch it?
Julia turned 9 months.


Huge people, huge!


But of course, most of your already know that, as evidenced by the number of messages, emails, texts and calls I've had from friends this month just "checking up."  Really, you all make me smile.

But in case you have no idea what I'm talking about or just need a refresher?  Try hereAnd here.

No, this is not an announcement.

I'm not even going to go there.  Especially since the last time I did that, I spoke about 5 days too soon. 

And I'm definitely not going to talk about getting a dog again.  Even though we did run into a lovely Weimaraner on the board walk the other week.  And I did have the best conversation with her owners.  And I may have already found a breeder that I want to look into... whenever we're ready.  And we sorta kinda have our dog name already picked out ... and a back-up name, and another back-up name... Nope, not even going to talk about getting a dog right now.

No, this post is all about how much I'm enjoying fitting into my OLLLLDDD jeans.  And having more time to play with my hair, or maybe just wash it more often, and actually using that tube of mascara.  About how much fun meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking has become (even with 3 little ones in tow) now that I can put more effort into it.  And just maybe about how my husband has complimented my meals more times than I can count these past few weeks.  About how I even got a girls' night out last week.  And of course, about how much I just LOVE the 9 month mark, its milestone so pointed in my life these past few years.

And it's also about this amazing little girl who has completely stolen all of our hearts... over and over again!

Someone's learning how to blow kisses!
And how I want 5 more just like her.

And how to clap her hands!
Or maybe just one more a little like her.

And how to cruise around in the walker.
And maybe how to open drawers and make a royal mess of the kitchen!

Snap, did I just say that?


Just kidding.





Stop me now readers.  Because really, I just don't have time for "what could be's" right now.  We decided to celebrate the ninth month with a big 'ol pile of house guests.  In other words, I've been too busy to think about babies.  Last night we said goodbye to the 17th and 18th guests we have had within 10 days time.  And while it was a fun run, today we're gonna take it easy and just stick with the essentials.  Like removing old, chipped toenail polish, washing a load of toddler underwear and attempting to keep my boys in separate rooms because I REFUSE to determine just whose turn it is to play with the Lego train one more time this morning!!  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, babies.  Wait, no I wasn't.  Okay, goodbye!


lindsay said...

her faces are priceless c:

J9 said...

Thanks, she's really so fun to photograph!

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