Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ain't I a Military Spouse?

I'm over at Spouse Buzz today with a guest post on being a Coastie wife!  Fellow military spouses, I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments section! 

Early on in our marriage, the MyCAA program was announced. I was young, anxious to further my education and desperate to find a career that I knew could move with me wherever my husband’s job took us. So I called up to register. In all my eagerness I had overlooked one small detail — that the program was offered by the Department of Defense.
In other words, as the spouse of a Coastguardsman, I was ineligible. Yes, since March 2003 the Coast Guard has fallen under the Department of Homeland Security, but, just like Sojourner Truth said of herself in her infamous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech, ain’t I a military spouse?

Read more: http://spousebuzz.com/blog/2012/10/coastie-wife-aint-i-a-military-spouse.html#ixzz2AoRthRwp


JesseNegroni said...

Best post ever! I'm a Coastie wife too and I love it. I have gotten an oh -_- type of response when people ask what branch my husband is in and it bothers me so bad. WHY don't WE get the same benefits as any other military spouse? We deal with deployments, super long underway weeks, duty nights, SAR cases with the worst timing, how are we still "not real" military spouses?

J9 said...

I totally agree Jesse! I would love to see some more support develop for coastie spouses! Thanks for the comment... And for being my biggest fan on instagram! ;)

JoJoBee said...

Hello, this was the first post I've seen of yours. I have since subscribed to your blog after more. I, too, am a coastie wife living very far from home. We are stationed at Curtis Bay, MD. This was to be our last year here, but we decided to stay an additional year.
I'm always, it seems, to be on the lookout more more like me and I'm happy to have found your blog.

Look forward to reading more. Thanks a million

J9 said...

JoJoBee I'm so glad you found me! Us Coastie Wives have got to stick together. :) Sounds like we live fairly close to each other too!

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